Activities and Sightseeing Excursions at the Junior Summer Camp in Toronto, Canada

Our Junior Summer Camp Program in Toronto is packed with excursions, visits, sports, and games and is designed to have something for everyone.

The program of activities has been designed to perfectly fit the wishes and needs of this age group. The program is divided into off-campus excursions and on-campus activities. The off-campus excursions will give students a chance to see and visit attractions such as the world famous Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and the Royal Ontario Museum, while on-campus, students will enjoy different games and activities organized by our dedicated team of Activity Coordinators.

A great emphasis will be placed on ensuring that our excursions are educational. Not only will students enjoy taking pictures on excursions but they will also pay attention to what it is being said by the tour guides, because they will be given "homework" about the excursions and they are expected to answer everything correctly.

Teachers will also participate in the excursions and activities making these trips truly educational and very much connected to the English curriculum taught in the mornings.

Day camp program includes half-day activities Monday through Friday (18:00 pick-up time). However, day camp students can also book Evening activity package ($50/evening) and Weekend activity package ($70/day).

We also offer optional trips:

  • 3 Day, 2 Night Trip to French Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City) - No meals: $299.00
  • 3 Day, 2 Night Outdoor Camping Trip (Ontario) - All inclusive (13 years + only): $399.00)
  • 3.5 Day Trip to New York City (USA) - No meals. (16 years + only): $399.00

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