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Learn English in South Africa. Spend a week, semester or academic year studying English at one of our English language schools in most exciting cities of South Africa. Click on the name of the city to visit IPSA English Language Schools in South Africa, explore in details English Language learning opportunities and apply to our English language schools in South Africa online!

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Learn English in South Africa!

Studying English in South Africa is the perfect opportunity to learn about South Africa life and culture. The language skills you will gain should set you on the path for future success, wherever and whatever that may be.

Few countries on earth can compete with the grandness of the South African landscape - range after range of mountains call the traveller through sunburned deserts to explore deep forests, fruit-filled valleys and idyllic coastal hideaways where lazy rivers spill into blue lagoons. Though South Africa is ranked the third most biologically diverse country in the world, access to its diversity is far greater than in the richest equatorial jungles. Therefore, those seeking variety of life will probably find South Africa the most rewarding destination on earth.

South Africa has more kinds of mammals than North and South America combined, or Europe and Asia together. It has a sixth of the marine species known worldwide, with most of its coastal species found nowhere else. It also has the world's richest floral kingdom.

International Partners for Study Abroad offer English learning programs in South Africa at English language schools for college and high school students, executives and professionals, teachers of English and interested adult learners.

English Language Schools in South Africa

English Language School in Cape Town Learning English in Cape Town means far more than just language training - it means experiencing one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Two oceans, Table Mountain, a melting pot of different cultures - the gateway to an exotic, vibrant continent. Our teachers are native speakers, highly qualified and very motivated. They all have a BA degree in English and a TEFL certificate. Most of them have taught English to foreigners abroad.

We evaluate our students on arrival and place them in a study course according to their level of knowledge of the language. The classes are intimate, with no more than 8 students per class.The Students are mainly adults between 18 and 35 years.

English Language School in Christchurch We attract students from all over the world including South America, Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa - from over 30 different countries and our business clients have included Sappi Saiccor, Engen, Ocean Co, Rennies Shipping, Chevron, Texaco and Halliburton Energy Services.

The School is located in a charming and spacious house in a quiet part of the city close to Durban's university - and it has a lovely garden where you can relax and enjoy the leafy trees and exotic birds. Sometimes even monkeys come to visit! The school is near to a major bus route, a 5 minute drive from the centre of town and only 10 minutes away from our world famous beaches.

English Language School in Jeffreys Bay Jeffreys Bay has a lot to offer English Language students. So make the right choice today and experience this town while studying English. Students from all over the world come to to learn English at our School. Offering endless beaches and endless summers, Jeffreys bay is designed for the ordinary, unhurried, unworried, sun-seeking, fun loving person. The school is situated in a large specially converted house. It is located across the road from the beachfront and offers lovely view of the beach and ocean from the large upstairs lounge.

Our gloriously temperate climate has a mere 5 degree midday difference between summer and winter, with a summer maximum average temp of 27 degs and minimum average temp of 19 degs. The summers are warm with a very temperate humidity level. Winters are mild and pleasant, and it is significant that water sports are practised year-round.

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