German Language Schools in Austria

Study abroad in Austria and learn German at our language schools in Tyrol and Vienna. Spend a semester studying German at one of our language schools and stay at our accommodations. Click on the school's name to visit IPSA German Language School in Austria, explore in details German Language learning opportunities and apply to our German language schools in Tyrol and Vienna online!



Learn German in Austria with IPSA!

Studying German in Austria is the perfect opportunity to learn about Austria life and culture while studying at our German schools in Austria. The language skills you will gain should set you on the path for future success, wherever and whatever that may be.

Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It borders both Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The capital is the city of Vienna on the Danube River.

Austria is mountainous in the south and west. Austria is one of the most forested countries in Europe with almost half its territory covered in forest. Seat of the former Habsburg empire, Vienna is a world center of the arts, the site of many splendid palaces, and the headquarters for many international organizations. Tourists can visit the houses of Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Johann Strauss.

Whether you are a teenager, a university student, executive or professional, and whatever is the reason for improving your German language skills, you will find German language learning program to match your learning needs and budget.

International Partners for Study Abroad offer German learning programs in Austria at German language schools for college and high school students, executives and professionals, teachers of German and interested adult learners.

German Language Schools in Austria

German Language School in Tyrol

German Language School in TyrolThe School was founded in 1981 and was accredited by the governmental body Campus Austria in 1990 as a language school of outstanding merit. It is a small school located in the internationally famous ski resort in the Austrian Alps, surrounded by exceptional natural beauty.

Our intensive German course is different from other German language schools for three main reasons. Small classes - our classes are very small, with never more than 6 people per class, and a yearly average of 3-4. Free time program - our free time program is very extensive. We offer at least one activity every day of the week, in addition to the regular Monday to Friday morning classes. We use our extensive local knowledge to exploit this fabulous region. A friendly welcome - you will find that a small school has a lot of personal benefits. A teacher accompanies every free time programme, so your contact to German speakers is much greater than just in lesson time.

German Language School in Vienna

German Language School in ViennaThe German Language School in Vienna is accredited by Campus Austria as a language school with strict quality criteria recognised by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education. The School is aslo certified according to ISO 9002, the internationally recognised quality management system. It is the only private German language institute in Austria holding this certificate since 1999.

The German Language school in Vienna is located in the center of the Austria's Capital City. You will find our School in the immediate vicinity of the baroque Karl's Church, next to the famous Musikverein building where the world-famous New Year's Day Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is broadcast all over the world. In the neighbourhood is the most beautiful Hotel of Vienna - the Hotel Imperial - where kings, presidents, and even pop stars like Michael Jackson stay. A few steps away is the most splendid street in Vienna - the Vienna Ringstrasse.

In our brightly furnished modern rooms, you are able to learn in a pleasant atmosphere. Also, after your lessons, you have the possibility to improve your German in our Computer lab and in our mediotheque. All our teachers are university graduates who hold recognized language-teaching qualifications. Our teachers are selected for their experience in working with students and their ability to make language learning an active and rewarding process.

With a wide choice of courses and accommodation options, our German Language school in Vienna offers outstanding value for students who wish to learn German and experience life in Vienna. Every year the School welcomes students from nearly 90 countries, creating a multicultural environment in which to learn German and make friends.

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