Spanish Language Immersion Courses in Montevideo, Uruguay.

At Spanish Language School in Montevideo, each student's course is designed to meet individual needs and goals.

With our communicative approach method, you will learn to speak Spanish quickly and naturally. We use an exclusive series of audio-visual means combined with dynamic classroom instruction and interaction. The goal of our methodology is to make you comfortable using Spanish in any situation you may encounter in everyday life, such as: travel, social and business introductions and meetings, using the telephone, effectively participating in a conversation, etc.

Spanish Language School in Montevideo offers three different course formats which permits us to meet your individual needs, expectations and budgets. You can choose private instruction, a combination of private and group instruction, or group instruction.

You can start the course any Monday. Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

To review the prices for the courses and accommodations, please visit Dates and Fees page of this online brochure.

Communicative approach allows the students to feel confident in all situations, by emphasizing the practical use of Spanish. We teach our students the necessary skills they will need in outside the classroom: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Spanish classes are taught entirely in Spanish (immersion method).

Students take part in the following activities:

  • Conversation: these classes are held either in the classroom or outside - on the square, on the beach, in the market, etc.
  • Grammar is a vehicle for the correct use of language and it is taught as it is used in everyday language. The teacher explains the new learned grammar through practical situations.
  • Home work: correction of home work in the class and reviewing difficulties again helps students to develop the skills they need.
  • We use audio-visual means, news or movies on Spanish TV, recording of Spanish songs.

The experience of our teachers, their motivation and confidence make the learning process a real pleasure.

Books: course books follow the most up-to-date methodology, in line with active classes at the school. The course also includes workbooks for students' use as supplementary exercises and as a part of their homework. Besides the books, students receive photocopies of the additional materials offered.

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Graduated in Spanish philosophy and linguistics, our teachers have many years of experience in teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages and are very enthusiastic and friendly with our students. They are always ready to listen to any doubt or problem students may have with the Spanish language. Weekly meetings are hold with the teachers to discuss the progress of our students and to take on board their suggestions and comments.

Every day, after classes one of our teachers is in the school during one hour to discuss difficulties with the students and to help them with any problem they may have in their Spanish study. Each student has his own tutor to help them in case they have difficulties with the study program. At the end of the course, students realize that they have not only learned Spanish, but made new friends as well.

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