The school offers a wide range of complementary activities aimed at leisure and free time. An excellent way to learn more about the Spanish culture, of relaxing, discovering the surrounding area and to increase and practise the Spanish knowledge while enjoying the company of one of our teachers or a Spanish local guide.

Upon arrival, students will receive a weekly activity program. The school offers activities every day!

We have noticed how the leisure occupations of our students are oriented more and more towards sports and activities which are to do with ecology or nature, interested in preserving and not attiring the surroundings which are so hard to maintain.

  • Horse riding Rafting
  • Rambling Abseiling throug rivers
  • Bicycle tour Kayaking
  • Jeep tours Diving survival tours
  • Sailing, windsurfing Visits to natural parks
  • Boat excursions Abseiling
  • Visits to warm water springs
  • Gastronomical tour
  • Culture: museums, botanical gardens, tango performances, concerts etc.
  • Week end excursión (2 or 3 days)
  • Colonia del Sacramento
  • Survival excursion
  • Visits of several interesting places along the coast, Punta del Este, etc.
  • Rambling and horse riding

Jeep excursions: to the country side and enjoy the beautiful views in toally natural surroundings. The lunch: will be taken in a ranch/estate and we will swim in natural swimming pools.

Boat trips: we will go with local fisherman and they will explain us what kind of fish you can find and showing us what they fish. In the evening there will be a fish barbecue.

Exploring the coast: we will go all along the coast until the border of Brazil. We will stay overnight in a bungalow situated in a fishing village.

Horse riding: cantering across a sandy beach or an excursion in the country side.

Mountain biking: the beautiful countryside of this area provide the ideal location for biking the scenery is spectacular. We will race down through naturally formed valleys and rush through wooded sides.

Rambling: a walk through the area, where you can enjoy the different landscapes

Camping: we will go to the country side and spend 2 days in a ranch. During the day students go for rambling, horse riding or canoeing. Barbeques will be organized at nights.

Rock Climbing: for our real adventure students. You can try anything from bouldering to full rock climbing or abseiling. Take a course or pit your skills against a variety of climbs from beginner to advanced.

Canoying: students will be walking, climbing and jumping in rivers, this is a marvellous excursion for any age.

Diving: anyone over 12 years old - in good health - who is reasonably comfortable in the water can become a diver for the day. After watching a video and being briefed by a fully qualified instructor you can explore the wonders of the marine reserve. You are accompanied by an Instructor to ensure your safety and enjoyment "fiestas", we prepare a paella, barbecue, sardines or several " tapas" (a small Spanish snack) in the school.

Cooking lessons: one of our teachers will show, with the assistance of the students, how to prepare those typical meals in order to learn something more about the Spanish kitchen.

Evening excursions to the theatre in Montevideo.

Activity program is not included in the tuition fees, but we do our best to keep the prices as low as possible.

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