Spanish plus Horse Riding in Montevideo

Spanish plus Horse Riding course consists of an intensive Spanish course with 4 group lessons daily and a Horse Riding course, consisting of 2 private or semi private lessons of 40 minutes or rides per week.

In the morning you will receive two grammar classes and two conversation classes daily. You will have three horse riding lessons per week. Spanish classes are in the morning, horseriding in the afternoon. The lessons are held at an equestrian club in Montevideo, a short bus ride from the school.

Lessons are one-to-one and the teacher is an experienced rider and riding instructor. Complete beginners are welcome and a suitably gentle horse will be selected. Experienced riders will be able to develop their skills under the guidance of the instructor. You can also swap some of your classes at the equestrian club for horseback treks in the countryside: you will be accompanied by an experienced horseman, so it is also appropriate for beginners.

The rides take place at a ranch about one hour from Montevideo and offer the opportunity to experience the country's natural landscape. On the first day, you will be accompanied to the equestrian club, introduced to the instructor, and instructed on how to get there independently for the rest of the classes. In the case of bad weather, classes will be cancelled and, where possible, rescheduled for another day. All equipment is provided; you should wear comfortable clothes.

Beginners can expect to learn the principles of riding, how to mount and dismount safely, how to guide the horse to walk, trot, stop and turn. The instructor will also brief you on posture, safety precautions, and basic care of horses and stables. Those with some experience will be able to improve their technique, learn new skills such as riding at a gallop or jumping, or you can simply ride for fun.

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