English Intensive Courses in Arlington, Virginia

English language courses in Arlington, USAEnglish Intensive Course in Arlington is designed for students who want to progress rapidly and see immediate results. In the Intensive Program, students can expect to reach college-level proficiency in about one year. Classes are held five days per week during the day. Each session lasts four weeks. The intensive English course is the only option for students that wish to study on F-1 student visa.

If you are interested in applying to the Intensive Program, please check the starting dates and prices and apply online.

Characteristics of the Morning program:

  • Offered Monday through Thursday
  • From 9:00 am to 1:55 pm
  • Minimum duration is 4 weeks
  • 20 lessons per week

Characteristics of the Evening program:

  • Offered Monday through Friday
  • From 6:00 pm - 9.45 pm
  • Minimum duration is 4 weeks
  • 20 lessons per week

After you have completed all your classes, please make sure that you attend the exit meeting and exam. All students are required to take the exit exam before they receive their Certificate of Completion. Once you finish the exit exam, please request your certificate from your center's Admissions Officer.

We also offer Intensive Plus programs that include one to four workshoprs in the afternoon (3 hourse per week). Workshops provide students with a unique opportunity to focus on specific language skills with students of similar levels. Classes will be held with small groups of 1 to 6 students.

  • Conversation Workshop
  • Pronunciation Workshop
  • Grammar Workshop
  • Guided Study Group Workshop

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