Student Services in New York, New York!

Every student at English Language School in New York City receives close personal attention from their academic advisor. Your advisor monitors your progress and makes sure your program is 100 percent satisfactory. The school provides a variety of student services. Need help with something? Just ask us!

New Student Academic Counselling.

English Language Courses in New York During the first two weeks of study, all new students will be asked to take part in an academic counseling session with the school's academic staff. You will have the opportunity to discuss and workout any problems or concerns you may be having with your studies.

Individual Monthly Student counselling

English Language Courses in New York On the last day of each four-week session we offer our full time students individual counseling. Students will receive a report card with their grades and comments from teachers about their performance during the month. On the last day of class, each student meets one on one with their teacher for a personal counseling session. Your teacher will go over your report card with you, and give you some advice on how you can continue to improve your skills.

English Language Courses in New York Computers and Wireless Internet Access

We have a wireless network available for students who wish to connect their laptop computers and other portable devices to the Internet. There are also computers that students can use for Internet, Email, and language study. We also have TOEFL and other English learning software students can use for self study.

Coffe Talk

English Language Courses in New York Do you want to speak more English outside of class? Do you like chatting with different people? Well, you're in luck. About twice each month, you can attend Coffee Talk at our school. This is a free session for students of all levels, hosted by a school Instructor. Each Coffee Talk session is a chance for our students to talk share thought and opinions on a variety of topics. Coffee Talk sessions have a unique and interesting theme: music, movies, art, NY life, night clubbing, cooking, and much more. Join us!

Housing Assistance and Counseling.

English Language Courses in New York English Language School in Manhattan will assist with any housing questions or concerns you may have. We want to help you understand new situations, immerse yourself in your new environment and make new friends. Our counselors are culturally diverse, knowledgeable and have experience with the international students' needs away from home.

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Airport pick up service is also available upon request.

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