English Language Courses in New York

Our English Language school in New York offers small, student-centered language classes. The class size is limited and there are various types of classes for many different levels of students. For a better learning environment, students are divided into appropriate levels. We offer both full and part time classes with convenient schedules.

Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

  • Intensive English
    Intensive English class features a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on oral communication - speaking and listening.

  • TOEFL Preparation
    Our TOEFL Preparation Class has been updated to help international students who are preparing to take the TOEFL iBT exam for entrance into North American colleges and universities.

  • Summer Junior Course
    These exciting short-term language and cultural programs feature a unique combination of English instruction and fun activities & excursions for teens 13 to 17 years old.

First Day of School

All students must arrive by 8.45 am on the first day of school for Orientation and Testing. You should bring:

  • Your Passport and I-20 form (if you have an F1 Student visa)
  • A notebook & pen
  • A passport-size photo (If you want to obtain a student ID Card)

The Placement test consists of the following:

  • Reading/Vocabulary - Students have to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. They are all sentences or short paragraphs with a missing word or phrase. Students have to choose from four alternatives (45 minutes).
  • Writing - Students have to write about their first day in New York (15 minutes).
  • Speaking - Students have a speaking exam with one of the teaching staff. They will be shown a series of picture stories and answer questions (About 10 minutes).

Intensive English Class Schedule Example

Level Exam Level Learning Outcomes Samples


TOEIC - 325-425

TOEFL - 380-420
Express wants, preferences, needs, likes/dislikes. Fill out simple forms, Describe a person, objects, place, situation, and event.

High Beginner
Give and respond to apologies, excuses, permission. Express and respond to worry, disapointment, feelings. Request desired goods or services.


TOEIC - 425-626

TOEFL - 420-500
Engage in a conversation on a general topics and keep conversation going. Express and analyze opinions. Extract meaning/general ideas fromwritten texts.

High Intermediate
Ask for recommendations and advice,provide solutions to problems. Express hope, regre, gratitude, and sympathy. Understand personal, general or specialized prose.

Pre Advanced

TOEIC - 626-876

TOEFL - 500-600
Obtain, organize and present information. Attract attention, express concern, seek advice. Understand purpose and meaning of complex forms, and formal letters.

Give and follow instructions on technical and non-technical tasks. Express indifference, approval, dissapproval, and intentions. Understand complex formal instructions in an educational or workplace setting.

Student Counceling

During the first two weeks of study, all new students will be asked to take part in an academic counseling session with the school's academic staff. You will have the opportunity to discuss and workout any problems or concerns you may be having with your studies.

On the last day of each four-week session we offer our full time students individual counseling. Students will receive a report card with their grades and comments from teachers about their performance during the month. On the last day of class, each student meets one on one with their teacher for a personal counseling session. Your teacher will go over your report card with you, and give you some advice on how you can continue to improve your skills.

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