English for Law in New York City

English for Law in New York City is aimed at lawyers, law students and legal professionals.

English for Law is offered as one-to-one private Platinum English language Course for Professionals. You can choose a private Platinim course with 15 or 20 one-to-one lessons a week. This course can be combined with mini-group General English and/or Business English Platinum courses. In this case, we recommend a combined Platinum Plus course. You will learn General and/or Business English in mini-group with other executives and professionals and English for Law in private classes (you can choose 1 one-to-one lesson a day in addition to the group Platininum classes). English for Law is also available as a closed mini-group course for 3 to 5 students arriving together.

We also offer Legal English Courses in West Palm Beach, Florida. This course serves as a general overview of English for the Specific Purpose of Legal practice - whether it be on the business/transaction end, the client end, or for law school (LLM) purposes.

Legal English courses are designed for foreign practicing lawyers, law students and legal professionals who want to improve their Leagal English skills while learning about the U.S. legal system. Students of English for Law are asked to complete a needs analysis before starting the course, enabling teachers to assess your particular language requirements and to formulate a program tailored to your needs.

Our Legal English students can also pick the specific area(s) of U.S. law that they would like to focus on specific practice areas, specific purposes (writing memoranda, writing case briefs, e-mails or interview practices, law firm etiquette, law school etiquette, etc.) and will focus primarily on these.

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