English for Aviation in New York City

English for Aviation in New York City has been created for all Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers dealing with International Flights. It focuses solely on speaking and listening and the need for plain and clear English for non-routine aviation situations. It has been designed with the new language regulations in mind which have been introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in a statement which gives March as the deadline for all concerned to reach Level 4 on the Language Proficiency Scale. It is highly practical and includes the use of aviation videos, tapes and role-play.

English for Aviation is offered as one-to-one private Platinum English language Course for Professionals. You can choose a private Platinim course with 15 or 20 one-to-one lessons a week. This course can be combined with mini-group General English and/or Business English Platinum courses. In this case, we recommend a combined Platinum Plus course. You will learn General and/or Business English in mini-group with other executives and professionals and English for Aviation in private classes (you can choose 1 one-to-one lesson a day in addition to the group Platininum classes). English for Aviation is also available as a closed mini-group course for 3 to 5 students arriving together.

Sample Platinum English Timetable - English for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

Lesson Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9:00- 10:50

ICAO Descriptors &
Language Level Requirements

Dealing with non understanding.
Asking for clarification.
Role Play

Describing Actions and giving reasons
Role Play

Handling non understanding
Role Play

Describing uncertainty,
deducing and speculating.

11:10- 12:00

Grammar: Question forms, Confirming understanding. Checking understanding

Pronunciation: Confusing sounds, stress shift and change of meaning. Correcting information using stress

Speaking: Sequencing and Linking, Describing events using security video

Pronunciation: Accent and dealing with non-standard English Role Play

Vocabulary: Emergencies Describing dilemmas, problems and non-routine events.

12:10- 1:00

Vocabulary: Describing position and location

Vocabulary: Weather systems. Describing change

Vocabulary: paraphrasing and getting round unknown vocabulary

Asking for repetition and clarification. Confirming understanding Role Play

Speaking: Expressing inevitability. Reassuring crew and passengers.


1:50- 2:45

Speaking Giving Orders v. Making Requests: Imperative Voice

Speaking & Listening: Asking for advice, Giving and receiving instructions

Speaking: Expressing needs and preferences

Vocabulary: The Airport and Ground Staff. Non-routine disembarkation.

End of Course Test

2:55- 3:45

Describing emergencies. Stating needs. Role Play

Intonation for emphasis and understanding urgency Role Play

Stating Intention
Role Play

Professional Visit

Feedback and study advice

This timetable may be adapted to suit the needs and the progress of all student levels on a weekly basis.

All students and teachers can negotiate the order of topics and specific input.

In addition to this, all course will include:

  • Oral practice focusing on pronunciation, fluency and accuracy.
  • Role-playing and simulations from pre-flight to line-up.
  • Language lab and internet lessons on request.
  • Authentic and scripted aural practice.
  • Airport vocabulary
  • Routine and non-routine phraseology.

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