English language courses in Silver Spring, USA

English Language Courses in Silver Spring, Maryland

For over 30 years, our English Language school in Silver Springs has offered English Language Courses as a Foreign Language to international students. What makes our school different from many other schools is our unique and effective method of learning English developed by an internationally recognized linguist.

At our English school, you will learn English effectively from all aspects of language learning needed for English fluency: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, and pronunciation.

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  • Intensive English courses
    Learn English with our Intensive English Course! Our Intensive Program is designed for students who want to progress rapidly and see immediate results.

  • Part-time English
    Part-time English program allows students to enjoy rapid progress while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

  • TOEFL Preparation Courses
    TOEFL preparation course provides students with comprehensive training in all areas covered by this essential American university entrance examination.

  • Private English courses
    This program is designed for all types of study and students can choose the lesson content and schedule.

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