English Language School in College Park, Maryland

Our English Language School in College Park provides English language instruction and assessment at the postsecondary level for speakers of other languages who wish to learn English for academic, professional, or personal reasons.

We offer Intensive English courses at 5 levels ranging from beginning to advanced. On the first day of the semester, each new student takes an English language proficiency test and is placed in appropriate group.

You'll learn English in the US and make new friends from around the world. You'll discover new cultures while enjoying lively classes on campus of a world-class university. And you'll be just minutes from the heart of Washington, DC with its famous cultural attractions and museums.

Students from all over the world study at our school. Over the last five years, students from 65 countries, speaking almost 30 different languages, have come to our school to improve their English. Most our students are university age,18-28 years old.

Our faculty brings top-notch English language training and years of experience in working with students from all over the world, and especially with native speakers of Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Our English Language School is located on campus of University of Maryland and our students may use the university libraries, the Campus Recreation Services (swimming pools, tracks, weight rooms, basketball courts, etc.). Click her to learn more about our location & facilities

The school offers different student services including:

  • Orientation
  • Speaking Partners
  • International coffee hours
  • Field trips
  • Assistance with applying to the university
  • Visa assistance
  • Counseling

Come to our school to learn English! You will study in samll groups on a lovely, tree-filled campus, practice your English with new friends from around the world sharing your culture with theirs. You will be working with teachers devoted to helping you improve your English language skills.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the English Language School in College Park, Maryland, USA!

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