Student Services at English Language School in Boston

Every student at English Language School in Boston receives close personal attention from their academic advisor. Your advisor monitors your progress and makes sure your program is 100 percent satisfactory. They can also design a special course for you if you have specific language requirements.

Activities Planning

There's so much to do in Boston that you may feel overwhelmed. But our Activities Coordinator is constantly looking for interesting and exciting activities to tell our students about.

Student Advising

English Language Courses in BostonEnglish Language School in Boston offers academic advising to its students. This guarantees a language course that meets your own specific needs and makes the most of your time in Boston. Students receive the highest level of individual attention from an advisor that is responsible for your total program: classes, curriculum, teachers, hotel or home stay ... everything!

Through a continuing process of testing and frequent interviews, you and your advisor will work closely together to make sure you are placed in the most suitable program based on your skill level and personal objectives. Your advisor will do everything possible to ensure that your program is working effectively, and that you are making progress toward achieving your goals. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor at any time, about any aspect of their program, and any problems will be handled efficiently, professionally, and confidentially. There are few advising programs as comprehensive and thorough as ours in assuring student satisfaction and quality control!

College Preparation

English Language Courses in Boston English as a Second Language (ESL) may be your first step on a longer road of English study in the United States, which could include TOEFL preparation, or university counseling and placement. Our test-preparation methods will help you score higher as you make your journey. Let our school help you with your long-range plans!

"Student Value Package"

English Language Courses in Boston As a students at English Language School in Boston, you will benefit from our "Student Value Package". In addition to your classes, you will receive:

  • Free, stylish backpack
  • Welcome doughnut party
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • Free classes with our TEFL student-teachers (in months that our TEFL Certificate Program is held)
  • Boston-area shopping discounts
  • Wireless Internet access
All of these items and events are included in your tuition price and are part of our student services each month.

Travel Planning

English Language Courses in Boston Massachusetts's excellent location offers endless possibilities for travel, and the school can help you plan your weekends during your stay in Boston. We provide information about many popular weekend trips to regional points of interest. The weekend trips are organized and led by independent tour companies and are paid for by students. These trips include visits to Cape Cod, New York City, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Toronto, Washington D.C., etc.

Health insurance

The school can offer you health insurance each month through our health insurance provider of choice,

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