2018 Holidays

No classes will be held on the following dates:

Jan 1, Feb 18, May 27, Jul 4, Sep 2, November 28-29, Dec 24-25, Dec 31, 2019.

2019 Program Dates and Fees

General English, TOEFL Preparation, University Preparation,
Business English Programs

You can start the course any Monday

Minimum age: 16, except Business English (min age: 18)

Minimum Level Required:
General English: Beginner
Business English: Intermediate
TOEFL: High Intermediate
University Preparation: Intermediate

Duration 20 lessons/wk 25 lessons/wk 30 lessons/wk
1 - 11 weeks $370 per week $410 per week $440 per week
12 - 23 weeks $350 per week $380 per week $410 per week
24 - 35 weeks $310 per week $340 per week $370 per week
36 + weeks $295 per week $330 per week $360 per week
Courses with 20 lessons a week are available for students on B1/B2 visas and visa waiver programs for up to 12 weeks. More intensive courses require a student visa.
1 lesson = 45 minutes

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Private One-To-One Lessons

Starting dates: any Monday

Schedule: Private classes are normally scheduled in the afternoon. Morning one-to-one classes are subject to teachers' availability.
Lessons per week Durration Price per week
5 one-to-one lessons, 1 lesson = 45 min min. 1 week $450
Additional lessons $90 per lesson

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Professionals Certificates

Minimum Level: High Intermediate
Program Duration 20 lpw 25 lpw 30 lpw
Marketing & Advertising
Start Dates: 2 Jan, 25 Mar, 17 Jun, 9 Sep, 2 Dec
4 weeks $1900 $2100 $2250
Business Management
Start Dates: 25 Feb, 20 May, 12 Aug, 4 Nov
4 weeks $1900 $2100 $2250
Project Management
Start Dates: 28 Jan, 22 Apr, 15 July, 7 Oct
4 weeks $1900 $2100 $2250

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Accommodation Fees

Type Room Option Price
Homestay, age: 16+ Single Room
Breakfast & Dinner
$320 per week
Stafford House Residence, age: 18+ Single Room
Self Catering
$225 per week
Stafford House Residence, age: 18+ Twin Room
Self Catering
$175 per week
International Guesthouse, age: 16+ Single Room
Breakfast & Dinner
$805 per week
International Guesthouse, age: 16+ Shared Room
Breakfast & Dinner
$495 per week
Townhouse Studios (2 weeks min), age: 18+ Studio Apartment - single
Self Catering
$850 per week
All accommodations are subject to place availability at the time of booking.

Between June 2 - August 31 a $30/week summer supplement will be applied to homestay and student house fees

There is a $30/week accommodation supplement for all students who are under 18 at the time of arrival.

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Other Fees

Application fee* $100.00
Course registration*: $150.00
Accommodation Placement fee* $100.00
Book deposit (paid on arrival) $50.00 per week
Career Preparation Activity (Age 18+) $100/wk
University Application Service $200
Medical insurance $25/week
Airport pickup $150.00
* non-refundable

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