Professional Business Certificates in Boston

The English Language school in Boston offers Skills-focused 4- and 5-week certificate courses in Marketing and Advertising, Project Management, and Business Management. You can attend all 3 certificate courses.

Professional Certificates classes are for students who want a program where they can apply their English, develop their career path and build a professional portfolio of accomplishments. This program offers you our most challenging and rigorous learning experience. You will learn business concepts from actual business professionals and apply your advanced English skills to team projects and business case studies.

Each certificate includes an American company visit, networking event or a guest speaker. Local start-ups, successful entrepreneurs and established business leaders give inspiring talks and answer questions about a specific business topic such as how their business overcomes challenges and what it takes to succeed in the current business climate.

Benefits of Professional Certificates:

  • Interact and learn from American professionals through guest speakers
  • Apply your advanced English skills during class discussions, team projects and case studies
  • Develop analytical, writing and presentation skills
  • Complete projects to add to your online portfolio and CV
  • Gain confidence to help in your professional career
  • Learn how to work effectively with people from different cultures
  • Networking skills and new international contacts

The level of English required is Upper Intermediate. Min age: 18. The Certificate courses are not English programs but do offer an environment where students can apply their English skills.

You can also add other English modules such as Career Preparation Activity, Business English or Exam Preparation course.


  • College students or recent graduates looking to gain knowledge of the business world

  • Students who are looking for a course that allows them to apply their advanced level of English in a practical setting

  • Working professionals who are between jobs or would like a short term course during their vacation

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