General English Language Courses in Boston

Study English in Boston with us in our full-time ESL courses and you will receive the highest quality English instruction for the best value!

If you want to study on a full-time ESL program, you can choose from the following study options: Intensive ESL Programs with 25, 30 and 35 lessons per week

These programs are I-20 eligible to meet the needs of international students wanting to visit the United States on student visas. Please refer to our "Getting Your Visa" page for instructions on how to apply for an I-20.

We also offer the Standard ESL Program with 20 lessons per week, which is not I-20 eligible but may be ideal if you are living and working in Boston or traveling in Boston as a tourist.

Course Features

Our range of English language courses offers you a choice on how intensively you want to study - whether that's 20 lessons a week on an Essential course or 35 lessons a week on our Super Intensive. Plus with our range of modules you get to personalise your course to fit your needs.

You can start the course any Monday and study as many weeks as you want.

In General English program, you will learn structure, which focuses on reading, writing, and grammar; and communication, which concentrates on listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

We believe that you will learn faster and more effectively if your lessons are engaging, fun and relevant. That's why our teachers use a range of techniques and develop classes that are motivating and build your confidence. This will allow time to focus on any areas of weakness.

Any weekly program is influenced not only by the course book syllabus but also by the learning goals and interests of the students in any one group.

  • Testing on Arrival:
    On your first day you will take a language test, to assess your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and how well you are able to understand and speak English.

  • Monthly Tutorials:
    Every month you will ll have a one-to-one tutorial with a member of the academic team to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential. It's a great opportunity to review your course choices and learning methods and to really make sure you achieve what you want to achieve.

  • Quality Assurance:
    Our Director of Studies ensures that our programs are of the highest possible quality, our class sizes are small and that our students leave having gained the maximum from their time with us.

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