Learn English in Boston, Massachusetts!

At the English Language school in Boston, we care about you! Here, you won't be lost in the crowd. We are a small English school where the teachers and staff get to know you. A small staff means more individual attention and a great environment in which to learn. You are not just a number to us!

We have a high teacher/student ratio, averaging only 7 students per class. English is learned with practice - the smaller the classes, the more rapidly your language abilities will improve. Make our school your top choice of ESL schools in Boston, and learn English quickly!

All of our instructors are native English speakers, with extensive experience teaching in English schools; many have Master's Degrees in ESL. Our teachers will engage you in a dynamic, interactive class. Enthusiastic and creative, they will help you feel comfortable speaking English!

Our students come from all regions; we are well represented by Europe, Asia and the Americas, and no more than 25% of our students come from any one region. The result is an active and diverse student body ... all speaking English!

English Language Courses in Boston.

English Language School in Boston offers different courses which permits us to meet your individual needs, expectations and budgets.

Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

  • General English
    We offer an exciting range of General English courses for all levels with 20, 25, 30 and 35 lessons a week, from Beginner to Proficiency, and to suit different budgets. We also offer timetables that give you the flexibility to choose a course that best matches your needs from 1 to 48+ weeks.

  • TOEFL preparation
    TOEFL test-preparation classes at our school can be your first step toward future study or employment in the United States!

  • University Pathways
    Students interested in attending university or college in the USA are encouraged to take advantage of University Pathways program. Our school offers recognised English language levels, a University Preparation course and a University Placement Service helping you to gain acceptance and succeed at a university in the United States.

  • Business English
    This course will develop your English skills and confidence for a variety of business contexts such as presentations, meetings and negotiations. The syllabus combines practical skills with business and industry specific language tailored to your needs so you make the right impact with your future clients and colleagues.

  • Professional Certificates
    Skills-focused certificates in Marketing and Advertising, Project Management, and Business Management.

  • Private Classes
    Private classes are ideal if you have very specific English skills that you want to develop and/or specific time constraints.

How Many Hours of Instruction Do I Need?

As a first step, it is important to identify your current level in English and the level you would like to obtain. The difference between the two is your "Training Gap". The number of hours of instruction needed to advance from one level to another depends, in large part, on the type of course you select, your ability to learn a new language, knowledge of other languages, etc.

To determine your appropriate level for our Boston English courses, you will take a placement test during Orientation Day. The placement test consists of a writing section, a listening section, and a short speaking section.

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