Join Us in English-Learning Paradise in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Conversation Cafe is perfect for students who want personal attention, and are serious about improving their English.

English Language Courses The English Cafe offers:

  • 1-4 students per class
  • Multi-skill and Grammar classes focused on Conversation
  • Personal attention from the teacher
  • Individual correction from the teacher
  • More speaking time with your teacher

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about English Cafe:

When are classes?
Classes are Tuesday - Friday, 1.15 PM - 3.15 PM (includes 10 min. break)

When can I start English Cafe?
New students can start any Tuesday.

Can I take English Cafe with the STEP or IEP program?

STEP students can not take both STEP and English Cafe.

IEP students can take both.

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