This popular choice of accommodation is ideal for students interested in learning about and experiencing life with a typical American host and regularly practicing their English. Our homestays may be a family with children, a childless couple, a single parent, or a single person. Commute times can vary from 5-45 minutes, our homestays are between 1-8 miles from the school.

Member of the family

Students will take part in their hosts' everyday life and be treated as a member of the family, therefore they should be prepared to adapt as much as possible to their hosts' daily routines and habits.

Food preferences

Students are encouraged to inform their hosts what kind of food they like or dislike and to communicate times for dinner or coming home at night, helping both host and student make the most of their stay. Students are not normally expected to use the kitchen or take food from their hosts' cupboard or refrigerator without asking.

Keys, linen and laundry

To be independent, students are usually given their own house key. The family will provide bed linen and assistance with laundry can be offered, but reasonably priced local launderettes are also available nearby. Bath and beach towels are not normally provided.

Selecting homestays

Many of our homestays have been caring for our students for many years. All homestays are inspected regularly by our Host Family Coordinator. Most host families are located between 20 to 30 minutes from the school by bus. To ensure we make a good match, always complete the information sections on the registration form in full.


Occasionally misunderstandings or problems arise, however they are usually resolved quickly. We encourage students to inform us if there is a problem and every attempt is made to reach a solution. If it is not possible to solve the problem we will find the student another family.

Student Hotel at La Quinta Inn

The school's home, within the attractive grounds of the La Quinta Inn, is an ideal choice for students who wish to live as close to school as possible. The  beaches (only 2.5 km away) are easily accessible. The hotel offers clean, comfortable and friendly accommodation. All rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with free high-speed internet access, colour TV and telephone with free local calls.

A large swimming pool, fitness center and vending machines (snacks and drinks) are also available. Continental breakfast (coffee, fresh fruit, cereals, bread etc.) is included.

Hotel Option at Shore Haven Resort

This hotel, ideal for those with a budget in mind, is located across from the beach in Lauderdale-by-the- Sea, a two-kilometre bus ride from our school in Fort Lauderdale. Shore Haven has easy access to restaurants and bars and is a favourite with adult students. It offers a choice of hotel rooms and studios with kitchenettes and two swimming pools, barbecue and jacuzzi.

A large swimming pool, fitness center and vending machines (snacks and drinks) are also available. Continental breakfast (coffee, fresh fruit, cereals, bread etc.) is included.

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