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At our English Language school in Washington, DC, our students learn using a unique methodology. An internationally recognized applied linguist, developed the Total Approach for teaching and learning English. This approach appeals to different learning styles and takes into consideration the native language, culture, and education of the students.

Our Total Approach methodology uses a non-restricitve approach which requires students to learn English in two ways. First, students are given activities which allow them to learn "naturally" by inferring meaning through context (as children do). Second, because the students are adults, the methodology also allows for students to use their developed abilities to learn discrete grammar and language patterns rationally.

The Total Approach philosophy is divided into three phases which the students experience during their lesson:

  • Learning Phase: During this phase, the students are introduced to the language and learn words and expressions naturally.

  • Assimilation Phase: Following the Learning Phase, the students assimilate the target language through a variety of activities, experiences, and explanations.

  • Facilitation Phase: In the final phase, the students develop facility with the language. During this phase, students are given the opportunity to practice and produce the language in a real-life context.

This approach offers students the following benefits:

An Organized Syllabus - All classes, from absolute beginner to advanced, are presented in English, and students are guided through an expanding awareness of the language.

Time Efficiency - Students rapidly and effectively acquire a conscious understanding of the language as well as strong speaking and writing skills. Authentic language samples are presented for students to easily infer the meaning of new vocabulary and structures from context. When students experience difficulties, the instructor is ready with explanations to help them effectively grasp new material.

Complete Communication - Students progress toward proficiency in the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our graduates can effectively use the English language in social, business, and academic settings.

Practice - Classes are student-centered with an emphasis on student talk time. Students practice their English through a variety of communicative activities as well as in structured drills and exercises where accuracy and dexterity are the goals.

Accuracy - Students achieve far greater accuracy in speech and writing than in other approaches in which functional communication is the only goal. In addition, this emphasis prepares the students better for such standardized tests as the TOEFLŪ, in which an accurate understanding and use of the language is essential.

Our methodology is proven and effective. Students in the Intensive Program can reach college-level proficiency in English in about one year.

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