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About the CELTA Course:

Certificate in English Language
Teaching to Adults

    "There was a lot expected of us during the course, and I would have hoped for nothing less. The CELTA course and its trainers treat the field of teaching with much respect, and that respect is reciprocated by employers the world over." (Ron Martinez, instructor and coursebook author)


    The CELTA Certificate
    The Cambridge RSA CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is by far the most widely recognized international teaching qualification for teachers of English. It was formerly known as the "CTEFLA" and as the "RSA Certificate." The 1998 edition of the "ELT Guide" emphasizes that the CELTA is "the most widely recognized and respected basic TEFL qualification internationally."

    The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course, taught by highly qualified instructors with extensive EFL teaching experience, provides intensive, practical training for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults. Trainees learn the basic methodology of teaching and are exposed to a wide variety of teaching techniques through supervised practice teaching of foreign students on site at our EFL school.

    The CELTA is a passport to working and seeing the world, providing the necessary tools and practical training for graduates to pursue EFL teaching positions within the US and abroad. As demand for English Language Teaching continues to increase worldwide, more jobs are becoming available overseas than ever before.

    One reason why employers prefer the CELTA over other TEFL certificates is that they know that all CELTA courses are carefully monitored. Every CELTA center undergoes a rigorous annual inspection by Cambridge University. In addition, one full day of every CELTA course is inspected by a Cambridge assessor.

    Our English Language School in San Francisco have earned an enviable reputation for providing their program participants and graduates with a wide range of professional Job Guidance Services. These services are free, and our graduates can use them at any time during or after their course.

    Although we are not a job placement agency, we believe that our job information and guidance services are significantly better than those offered by any other TEFL training center in Canada or the USA.

    Over the past five years, our graduates have taught in more than 50 countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

    Click here for more information about our Job Guidance Services.

    Owing to the intensive nature of the 4-week course, trainees are obliged to attend 100% of the course.

    While our trainees have an enjoyable learning experience, they are also expected to work hard and take their preparation seriously, turning in all assignments punctually. Final assessment for each trainee is based on active class participation, quality of written assignments and most importantly, a satisfactory level of teaching ability as demonstrated during the practice sessions.

    Successful graduates will receive a "Pass" (an "A" or "B" grade will be given to exceptional trainees) and will be awarded a certificate issued by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate in England. The school will keep records of the assessment forms written by the trainers, the progress report given at the middle of the course and the final grade given to the trainees. References are readily made available to employers.

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