American English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Course in Phoenix, Arizona.

American English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Course is designed for those non-native speakers who have good English reading and writing ability, but who need to improve their speaking skills to avoid frustrating experiences where communication breaks down because of problems with their English pronunciation.

There are dozens of dialects spoken in the United States. We will teach you Standard American English. It is spoken by approximately 50% of the population in this country, and is one most commonly heard on TV and radio.

This course will develop your awareness of American English pronunciation. You will learn:

  • how to produce sounds (vowels, consonants and consonant clusters) using correct tongue, jaw and lip positions and tongue tension;
  • connected speech (links between words, weak and strong forms of grammar words; leaving out sounds);
  • syllables, word stress and stress in phrases;
  • intonation.

We offer one-to-one American English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction classes with flexible schedules to meet your specific needs and goals. 10 lessons minimum. The tuition fee is $36.00 per lesson.

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