English for Adult Learners (30+ ) in Eastbourne

English for Adult Learners courses are for a minimum of two weeks and are held in June, July and August. They are designed for mature learners who wish to refresh and update their English, explore British culture and the British way of life, and get to know one of the loveliest parts of England, all in an international group of students their own age.

There are 4 x 50-minute lessons each weekday morning in small, international classes at levels from Elementary to Advanced. The focus in the classroom is on improving communication in English, with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills for socialising and travel. Work is also done on vocabulary and grammar. A typical morning in the classroom will cover work on vocabulary, grammatical structures, listening and speaking skills, pronunciation and reading activities.

In addition, the course fee includes one full-day excursion for each complete weekend spent in Eastbourne. We are also able to give information and advice on other optional activities and excursions.

Sample Weekly Program

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Lesson 1 Reading skills Grammar - gap-fill exercise Presentation of students' stories Video work - Fawlty Towers Listening to a song about money Full-day excursion to London to include sightseing tour and boat trip on the Thames
Lesson 2 Students exchange information to solve a mystery Listening - Mr Bean video Grammatical exercises Vocabulary building Vocab. building and speaking about money
Lesson 3 Pronun - ciation Listening work to introduce language for giving opinions Running dictation to practise reading and writing Focus on conjunctions for story telling purposes Computer aided study
Lesson 4 Speaking - describing family and friends Speaking - debate Reading skills - work using children's story Writing formal letters Discussion about different cultures
Afternoon / Evening Optional afternoon and evening activities as per the Eastbourne Social Programme

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