English for Medicine in Brighton - Sample Outline

English is fast becoming a pre-requisite for those working in the medical industry. This course is aimed at doctors, nurses and other professionals in this specialised field.







9:00- 10:50

Skill: Speaking / Listening
Professional profiles.
Language assessment.
Grammar review.
Fine-tune cse. content

Skill: Reading & Speaking
Case Reports
Presenting signs / symptoms

Skill: Listening / Writing & Speaking
Attending a medical conference. Note-taking.
Asking question in public.
Asking for clarification.

Grammar review:
Modal verbs for
Making recom- mendations
Discussing cause and effect
Vocabulary: Verbs -imperative forms

Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Alternative / Supporting/ Parallel therapies

Discussion techniques:
Turn-taking & Interrupting
Avoiding conflict

11:10- 12:00

Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Reading /Speaking

Input: Grammar
Conditionals for Hypothesising and Discussing Cause & Effect

Input: Grammar
Passive voice for Explaining procedures

Skill: Speaking
Intercultural communication in a cross-cultural environment:
Communicating with colleagues and nursing staff

(Videoed Simulation)
Medical Board Meeting
Videoed group discussion

12:10- 13:00

Skill: Speaking
Fluency practice, feedback and remedial work on grammar and pronunciation

Grp Role-play. Case Study
Diagnosing symptoms
Making Prognosis
Group Discussion

Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking
Cross-cultural awareness
Bedside manner

Skill: Listening & Writing
Clinical History - Report write up from video documentary

Oral and written review and consolidation of week's vocabulary, function and grammar.

Group Lunch with Teacher


13:50- 14:40


Skill: Listening & Speaking.
TV medical documentary - case study

Input: Vocabulary
Medical word groups
Lay terms

Role play:
Interviewing a patient
Giving explanations

Skill: Speaking & Listening
Dealing with difficult cases
Diplomatic, modified and indirect language.
Giving information gently

Group viewing of morning's videoed simulation. Group discussion on performance.

14:55- 15:45

Skill: Speaking
Group Discussion
Mini Presentation of Prognosis & Treatment

Learner training: Using a mono-lingual dictionary, vocabulary files, storage and retrieval

Performance, error analysis and group feedback. Remedial Pronunciation

Videoed Role play of above

Error analysis and feedback

Error analysis and oral feedback.

Recomm. for further study.

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