English for Human Resources in Brighton - Sample Timetable

Course focusing upon the areas of English language and vocabulary demanded by those working in the sector of Human Resources and recruitment.







9:00- 10:50

Skill: Speaking / Listening
Professional profiles.
Language assessment.
Grammar review.
Fine-tune course content

Simulation: Staffing Needs & Recruitment
Skill: Speaking & Listening
Language of Meetings and Negotiations.
Chairing, participating & contributing.
Giving/ asking for opinions.
Turn taking & interrupting.
Summarising & concluding.

Input: Vocabulary
Job descriptions, qualities, skills and qualifications
Skill: Writing (précis)
Placing a job advertisement
Pronunciation of new vocabulary

Input: Vocabulary & Reading
Terms and Conditions
Pay Structure, Staff Welfare and benefits.
Training Opportunities & Development
Pronunciation of new vocabulary

Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Reading
Cultural Awareness
Oral and written consolidation of week's vocabulary, function and grammar.

11:10- 12:00

Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking
Short presentation on Company Structure

Videoed Inter-departmental Meeting (whole group)
Input: Grammar
Second Conditional
Remedial work based on oral performance

Skill: Reading / Speaking
Short listing Applicants
Group discussion
Grammar: Comparative & Superlative adjectives

Grammar: Interrogative forms
Past, Present and Conditional
Speaking: Enquiring further, obtaining detailed information, and asking for opinion and clarification.

Skill: Speaking / Listening
Mini presentations:
"Cross Cultural communication in the Inter-Cultural workplace"

12:10- 13:00

Skill: Speaking
Discussion on presentations, feedback and remedial work on grammar and pronunciation

Skill: Speaking - Style
Use of intonation for diplomacy, emphasis etc
Oral feedback on mornings work.

Skill: Writing
Formal Letters
Invitation to Interview
Letters Offering Position
Letters of RefUKl

Videoed Simulation:
The Interview
Error analysis
Grammar Review and feedback

Continuation of above
Remedial pronunciation and grammar & feedback


13:50- 14:40

Skill: Listening
TV Documentary
Safety at Work
Legal and Moral issues

Learner training: Using a mono-lingual dictionary, vocabulary files, storage and retrieval

Telephone Skills
Arranging the Interview
Making contact, checking & confirming information

Skill: Listening
TV Documentary on
Problems in the Workplace:
Health & Safety, Harassment & Discrimination.

Skill: Speaking
Group discussion on morning's presentations
Error analysis and oral feedback.

14:55- 15:45

Skill: Speaking
Summarising and comparing data, agreeing and disagreeing

Skill: Speaking
Social English in a business context.
Role Play: Entertaining internal clients

Role Play: Telephoning Classroom practice following by authentic phone call practice.

Professional visit to Employment Agency /
Chartered Institute of Personnel Management.
Social English Practice.

Review and advice for further study. Group farewell party

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