What is ICELT Certificate Training Program?

ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching) is a Cambridge award for practising English teachers. This qualification can help you deepen your knowledge and develop your ability to reflect on and improve your teaching.

It is divided into two modules:

  • Module One: Language for Teachers
  • Module Two: Teaching Methodology

Participants must have at least an upper-intermediate level of English, and should be practising teachers with at least 100 hours' teaching experience for Module 1, or 500 hours' teaching experience if taking the full ICELT.

The full ICELT certificate is awarded to candidates successfully completing both modules. Module One can be completed either in the UK or in your country. Module Two can only be completed in your country.

Who is ICELT Certificate for?

Because ICELT is flexible it is difficult to describe a typical candidate. However, some examples are:

  • You may teach adults or young learners in a private institute and wish to develop your knowledge and skills.
  • You may have been working in a primary school for several years, and have begun to teach English without any previous ELT training.
  • You may be returning to language teaching after a period of time and wish to review and develop your English Language skills.
  • You may have completed a pre-service teacher-training course for secondary teachers a year ago.
  • You are currently working in a secondary school and also work in a private institute teaching adults two evenings a week.
  • You may be a teacher of English in a university environment.

Your level of English should be at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (This is equivalent to Cambridge FCE, IELTS band score of 5, TOEFL computer-based score of 173)

What does our school in Brighton Offer?

Our school provides the opportunity to complete all or part of the full ICELT:

ICELT Module 1: Language for Teachers - These are intensive 4-week courses in Brighton, UK. The module develops professional language and communication skills in English andspects of methodology are covered as an integral part of the course.

  • Participants complete six Language for Teachers tasks
  • There is also an option to prepare for Cambridge TKT
  • The course and assessment is moderated by Cambridge ESOL.

Teachers who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Cambridge Language for Teachers Certificate with a grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Note: It is possible for any 'closed' group of teachers from one institution or a group of institutions in one area to organise this course at any time of year that is convenient.

ICELT in Brighton

This is the full ICELT course (Modules One and Two), and runs over a period of 6-12 months, at a centre which meets Cambridge requirements in the participant's home country. Participants must be practising teachers with a minimum of 500 hours of teaching experience by the end of the course.

  • Participants complete four language for teachers tasks, four assessed lessons and four written methodology assignments
  • This option is normally for a maximum of 12 candidates from one institution or a group of institutions in one area
  • It is a combination of face-to-face input and distance learning
  • The course is moderated by an external moderator appointed by Cambridge ESOL

Teachers who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Cambridge ICELT Certificate with a grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

It is possible to complete Module 1 in the UK and then at a later date do Module 2 in your country. This must be done within three years of successfully completing Module 1. This can only be arranged if there are a sufficient number of candidates for the Module 2 course. This option would normally suit a closed group of teachers who have already successfully completed Module 1. Successful candidates would then be awarded the full Cambridge ICELT certificate.

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