Teaching Method

Our goal is to offer Mandarin tuition to people from all over the world at the university while offering them Teaching English vacancies at schools in the central part of Taiwan and at the same time doing our very best to provide an easy transition from your home to a new life in Taiwan. All teachers are university graduates, and in addition they have also completed courses in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. We welcome people from absolute beginners to advanced students.

The Mandarin language is taught using the Beijing Pin-Ying system, the most widespread method for teaching Mandarin and also the easiest system for beginners. All teachers are university graduates, and in addition they have also completed courses in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Providence University.

The Director of our University Mandarin Chinese Language Program has taught Mandarin studies in the USA for over 15 years and is also the author of the textbook "Practical Chinese", which is widely used by students of all levels in Taiwan.

Teaching Materials

Elementary level:

  • Speak Chinese (1)
  • Practical Chinese Dialogues (2)
  • Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.1
  • New Read Chinese
  • Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.1

Intermediate level:

  • Chinese Folk Tales, Vol.1
  • Chinese Folk Tales, Vol.2
  • Taiwan Today
  • Picture Story
  • Chinese Moral Tales
  • Speaking With Chinese In Taipei
  • Chatting in Chinese
  • Chinese Customs and Traditions
  • Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture
  • Stories from Chinese History, Vol.1
  • Stories from Chinese History, Vol.2
  • Radio Plays
  • Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.2
  • Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.3
  • Travel Across The Strait
  • Practical Newspaper Readings Vol.1
  • Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.A
  • Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.2B

Advanced level:

  • Reading Chinese Newspapers
  • Practical Business Conversation
  • Business Chinese 500
  • Catholic Catechism
  • Thought and Society
  • Business Readings
  • Practical Newspaper Readings Vol.2


  • The Chinese Writeing and Reading Handbook for Foreign Student
  • Grammar Mistakes often Made by Foreign Students of Mandarin

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