Teach English in Taichung, Taiwan

Learning English in Taiwan has become very popular in recent years. Most of the students of our Mandarin Center teach English whilst learning Chinese. While it is possible to teach any age group, the majority of vacancies are in kindergartens.

Wages vary, but a typical full-time kindergarten job pays around US $1700 a month. This is very good when compared to the living costs in Taichung City. The type of work, hours, wages and contract conditions vary from one position to another.

Teaching English requires a lot of patience, energy and a good positive outlook on life (great attitude). Especially that most vacancies are for teaching young learners. We do not assure or guarantee anyone a teaching vacancy upon arrival as our main work is involved in the Teaching of Chinese at University level.

Most students at our center find Teachng vacancies themselves quite easily by checking Notice boards at our Center where schools place advertisements seeking ESL/EFL Teachers. It is interesting to note that people from countries like Russia, Germany and France seem to also quite easily find Teaching positions. Schools also recruit ESL Teachers from these countries as long as they have an excellent command of the English language.

If you require assistance with finding a Teaching English vacancy, we will be happy to help you upon arrival. From time to time schools come to our Center to find students who are willing to also teach English whilst studying at our center and we would be glad to help the school and you if that is required.

However, under no condition do we guarantee any vacancy to anyone.

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