Renting a two or three-bedroom apartment can cost you on average about US $350 [NT$12,000] plus maintenance fees and utilities per month. However, most apartments are not furnished or sparsely furnished. If you find an agent to arrange housing for you then the minimum fee is half of whatever the monthly rent is. The agent will inform you the basic rent and you should find out how much the general maintenance fees are for the particular apartment. Maintenance fees for a complex are prorated according to the total size of the apartment. In addition to the maintenance fees, you will be expected to pay for gas, electricity and water. Of course, you will pay for additional monthly charges for telephone and cable TV if you have these conveniences. In Taichung, cable TV currently costs NT$450 per month. It is a worthwhile expense if you want chanels like CNN, HBO, ESPN, Discovery, National Geographic, Disney etc.

Most contracts require identification (via passport), a non-interest bearing security deposit equivalent to two months rent plus the first months rent and the agents fee. Since most of us are unable to read the contract in Chinese, you might do well have a local friend review the contract and explain any unusual stipulations within the agreement. Most lease agreements for apartments are standard off-the shelf-documents.

In the worst scenario (which is not so bad really in terms of up front expenses), you can find accommodation in a clean modest hotel. Depending on your negotiating skills, you might be able to stay in a hotel room for NT$13,000 TO $15,000 per month. At least you will get daily cleaning and fresh towels besides an icebox and cable TV!


How much do I need to pay for rent?

The rent is approximately USD240 / Month and is payable to the Management of the building. They will also require you to put down a 2 month deposit upon signing a housing contract. Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on apartment and location.

Do I have to sign a contract?

The contract period will either be for a 3 or for a 6 month period and if you request we may be able to find you a month to month basis type rent where you are able to give the landlord a months notice at any time you wish to leave - a deposit will still be required.

How much is the deposit?

You will be expected to pay them a 2 month's rental deposit which is USD480 and is refundable to you at the time that you leave ie: when your contract ends. Plus you will need to settle your first months rent upon signing the contract.

Are there any other costs?

There might be an additional one-off fee of USD50 for preparing and cleaning the apartment for you. This fee is payable to the building managment.

All monthly rental payments will be between you and the building Management however if you ever need assistance then we will gladly help you.

When is rent due? Rent is due on the first day of each month.

What is the suite like?

The apartment has a telephone, cuphoard, double bed, airconditioner, tv [cable TV can be arranged ], small refrigerator and sometimes a microwave. There is also a small toilet with shower.

What do I need to bring?

You could buy bedding [ blankets, sheets and pillows ] in Taiwan or bring it with you as they do not provide that. Let us know if you need any more info about the apartment.

Do you have dormitory housing for students?

The university does not provide dormitory type accommodation.

Is there a possibility of sharing an apartment with other foreign or local students?

Yes, there is, however The Center presently does not offer this service. A word of advice: If you are interested in sharing accommodation then it would be best to come and arrange that here locally after meeting other people and you may also want to check other notice boards at the pubs and at our Campus where other students advertise.

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