Learn Chinese at our Mandarin Chinese Language School in Taichung, Taiwan!

Chinese Study Abroad Center in Taichung is one of the largest University Language Education centers in Taiwan for students from all over the world wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese. We also introduce ESL Teachers to local schools. We welcome people of all ages and abilities from absolute beginners to advanced students.

Our goal is to offer Mandarin Chinese language tuition to people from all over the world at the university Chinese language center while offering them an opportunity to find Teaching English vacancies at schools in the central part of Taiwan and at the same time doing our very best to provide an easy transition from your home to a new life in Taiwan.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 700,000,000 people. It is fast becoming a popular language to learn and is useful for traveling and doing business in a number of different countries including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Being able to speak Mandarin Chinese may open many doors and opportunities in your life that may have not existed before thus it is a skill that will be to your advantage.

Taiwan is situated in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles from the southeastern coast of China. Located about midway between Korea and Japan to the north and Hong Kong and Phillipines to the south, Taiwan is a natural gateway to and within Asia and has succesfully achieved a high rate of economic growth that has helped to provide its citizens with one of the highest living standards in Asia.

Taiwan is a shopper's paradise and nightlife is great. There are many pubs, discos and night markets to visit. There is also a wide variety of restaurants including Western, Thai, Indian etc, although the local cuisine is much cheaper. In many cases, eating out is as cheap as eating at home.

Taichung Language CoursesOur Taiwan Study Abroad Center is located in downtown Taichung in central Taiwan. It is the third largest city and a vibrant cultural, economic and educational center. It is an ideal base for visits to the north, south, coast and mountains.

Our intention at our Abroad Center, Taichung city Campus Mandarin center is to ensure that you get Mandarin language skills learnt as fast as possible to get you out there using the language daily and to make it of use to your daily lives whether you are using it for business or for personal use.

Foreign students from 40 countries are currently studying Chinese at our school. They are from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel, Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Jordan, Malaysia, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Brazil, Valenzuela, Columbia, Peru, Germany, Hungry, France, Swiss, Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, South Africa, Ghana, Liberia, (Oceania) and other countries.

Join over 200 foreign students of all different ages and cultures to learn Mandarin Chinese while teaching ESL!

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