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TEFL teachers seeking employment in Brazil will most likely find work in private language centers in Rio de Janeiro. Located throughout the city, most English schools are conveniently near public transportation, cafes, restaurants, and shopping areas.

Many TEFL classes will be taught outside of the schools themselves in the offices of the clients, which makes for highly motivated students and an efficient learning environment. Most of the students you will be teaching in Rio are adults and professionals who need to learn English for their jobs, as well as for personal improvement.

Teacher Training in Rio de JanieroTEFL Training in Rio de Janeiro
Our TEFL training center has a long history in Brazil, with over 20 years of experience in the country. Established in 1984, the TEFL center moved to newly renovated facilities in 2006. The Rio de Janeiro TEFL training center offers modern, comfortable facilities in a convenient downtown location. It is just blocks from the Uruguaiana metro station and close to the famous SAARA, a flea market where you can find anything at amazingly inexpensive prices. Click here to learn more.

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Teacher Training in Brazil"I have always wanted to try teaching abroad. [One of the best parts] about being a teacher is the free time we have to explore the culture that we are in. My days are very busy, but they are also extremely exciting - moving around the city, teaching, learning. I would recommend the experience. Teaching abroad is both eye-opening and challenging. It has been an extremely rewarding experience that I will always remember"

Ian Jewett
TEFL in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

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