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Accelerated TEFL in Buenos Aires

This course is not offered in 2019

With the Accelerated TEFL, you can earn a 140-hour TEFL certificate in half the classroom time of standard courses. Our innovative combination of online and on-site learning allows you to get certified after only two weeks in the classroom, giving you extra time to travel or to get a head start on your teaching career.

The TEFL consists of our interactive 70-hour TEFL Online Certificate, followed by two weeks of real-world instruction and experience at our training centers worldwide. The onsite portion of the course provides 70 contact hours between the trainee, the course trainer(s), peers, and EFL/ESL students. Course content, program goals, and admission requirements are similar to those of the four-week TEFL.

Course components include the following: essential subject knowledge given in input sessions (interactive lecture classes), teaching practice with real language learners, classroom observation of experienced teachers, and several written assignments. This comprehensive course is designed for candidates with no previous English teaching experience, but is also suitable for those who have some experience but no formal training in the TEFL field.

After only two weeks in the classroom, you'll graduate with an internationally recognized certificate - and the knowledge and experience you need to jump right into the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

Course Goals


Trainees successfully completing the online learning experience will demonstrate comprehension and application of the principles of teaching English as a foreign language through the following course components:

  • Meaningful essays
  • Lesson plans
  • Other written responses to course materials
  • Objective testing of course concepts

For the online portion of your program, you will complete TEFL Online, a 12-module course covering the fundamentals of teaching EFL/ESL. You'll also receive a specialized endorsement in your choice of two popular areas of EFL/ESL today: Business English or English for Young Learners. During the program, you'll be interacting via Internet with your own personal tutor who will grade assignments, provide personalized feedback, and answer any questions that arise. TEFL Online tutors are all professional, experienced teachers who have either a Master's degree or certification in TEFL.


Upon completion of the TEFL Online, you'll get a chance to refine your knowledge and implement what you've learned in an authentic EFL/ESL classroom. The onsite portion of the course consists of 70 hours of classroom-based instruction including demonstrations by professional language teachers, at least three hours of practice teaching sessions with real language learners, and trainers who guide you every step of the way, including observing and assessing your practice teaching.

The onsite portion of the Accelerated TEFL includes the following course components:

  • At least three hours of practice teaching sessions with real language learners
  • Trainers who will guide you through the course, including observing and assessing your practice teaching
  • Live and video observations of professional language teachers
  • Instruction and practice in teaching the language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and systems (vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar)
  • An introduction to and practice in classroom management, including such issues as error correction and giving instructions
  • Instruction and practice in preparing formal classroom lessons
  • An introduction to language awareness and instruction in how to teach grammar
  • An introduction to using multimedia in the classroom, including such topics as   DVDs, songs, and the Internet
  • Instruction in the basics of teaching Business English and English for Young Learners
  • A brief look into the fascinating world of intercultural relations and how culture can affect language acquisition

Trainees receiving a passing course grade will be able to do the following:

  • Teach English to adult learners using an appropriate range of practical skills.
  • Plan, prepare and execute a range of lesson types for a communicative, student-centered class using a variety of materials and techniques.
  • Assess learner needs in order to plan and teach lessons that take account of learners' backgrounds, learning preferences, and current needs.
  • Develop learners' overall language competency by defining and analyzing language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and how they are learned.
  • Analyze and categorize the English language as well as design appropriate presentation, practice, and production activities for lesson planning.
  • Demonstrate professional awareness, responsibility, and teacher development by giving and receiving teaching feedback as well as working effectively with peers and trainers.

Course Requirements

To meet the meet the TEFL training and certification requirements, trainees must:

  • Successfully complete the TEFL Online prior to the start date of the onsite learning experience.
  • Maintain 100% course attendance and participation in all scheduled activities and daily assignments
  • Teach classes for a minimum of six assessed hours.
  • Record and report feedback for all teaching practice classes for self and peer lessons
  • Participate in directed observations of experienced TEFL teachers.
  • Evaluate the needs of teaching practice students to plan creative and efficient lessons to meet those needs.
  • Write and submit lesson plans based upon material appropriate for their class level
  • Complete five written assignments.
  • Submit a portfolio of all coursework. The final course portfolio is a collection of all coursework as outlined in the course syllabus plus the portfolio.

Course Assessment

The final grade for the TEFL is the grade received for the onsite portion of the course. The online learning experience is required preparatory work for the on-site learning experience and will directly affect the trainee's on-site performance.

TEFL trainees will receive both on-going assessment and final assessment grades. There are five components of assessment:

  1. Participation in input sessions
  2. Teaching Practice (Execution of lesson)
  3. Feedback (Self and peer observations)
  4. Lesson Planning
  5. Written Assignments

To receive the TEFL certificate, trainees must meet the assessment criteria in all components as well as submit a completed course portfolio.

During the four-week learning experience, each trainee will prepare lesson plans for, and teach, a minimum of six hours of practice teaching lessons with real students. These classes are observed both by trainers and fellow trainees.

This is an intensive course, and for the participation part of their grade, trainees are expected to participate in classroom discussions, keep up on their reading assignments, and complete classroom and self-study tasks as they arise.

There are several graded written assignments. The topics for these papers include the following: Grammar/Language-Related Tasks, Language Skills-Related Tasks, and Professional Development Tasks.

Upon completion of the TEFL, we will issue you a final report detailing what was covered during the training and your overall performance in the course. You may include this with your resume for future employment references.

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