English and French Language Programs in Lausanne, Switzerland

Our Intensive French and English language courses are structured to take you quickly to proficiency in a foreign language and strengthen your skills and competitiveness for the global employment market.

All our teachers are carefully chosen and have university degrees and many years of experience in teaching English or French to the speakers of other languages. Our professors teach in their mother tongue, and come from different regions in order to cover a variety of accents.

We offer Intensive French and Intensive English Language Courses throughout the year. Our lively and intensive teaching is designed to stimulate the student's interest, motivation, and enthuasiasm.

Our modern communicative method enable students quickly and easily to express themselves in every day situations, while our more "traditional" classes help students improve their study of English and/or French vocabulary, grammar and spelling. You will have regular exercises in four major areas of application based on modern methods of communication:

  1. Oral and written comprehension
  2. Oral and written expression
  3. Grammar
  4. Vocabulary
The school facilities such as a language laboratory and CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) enhance the learning process.

We offer French and English language courses at all levels - from absolute beginners to advanced (4 - 7 levels). All students are evaluated at the beginning of the course to determine their level and place them into a proper class. If necessary, certain levels have more than one class. Private (one-to-one) courses can be organized upon request.

Our classes are kept small, with a maximum of 14 students per class, which allows our students to receive the individual attention required for them to succeed in their course of study.

French and English Courses

The school offers the following courses:

  1. Year-round Intensive English and French Courses
    Intensity: 25 periods (15 hours) per week.
    Duration: from 4 weeks to an academic year.

    Optional preparation for external examinations is also available:
    • English: PITMAN; BULATS - BUsiness LAnguage Testing Services; Cambridge: First and Preliminary Certificates, Certificate of Proficiency
    • French: TFI, Alliance Française, DELF

      The school is is an authorized center for the administration of BULATS.

  2. Summer Courses for Children (14+ years of age) and Adult Learners
    Learning English and French can be fun! In July and August, we offer you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in one of our summer campuses during your summer holidays

Certificate and Grade Report

At the end of your program, you will have to sit for an Exit Exam. The school issues an Attendance certificate and a grade report to all students who have attended courses for a minimum of 3 weeks.

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