Cultural Workshops

Below you will find examples of cultural workshops at our summer camp. Please keep in mind that not all will be offered at every summer language camp, and likewise there may be new workshops scheduled that are not listed here.

Outdoors Workshop

Students explore their natural surroundings and learn various skills relating to outdoors activities, such as knot-making, camping, trekking and hiking on ecological trails. At the same time, one of the principal goals of this workshop is to teach students to adopta lifelong philosophy of respecting and appreciating the environment.

Journalism Workshop

Spanish Language CoursesDuring this workshop, students create a biweekly newspaper that includes camp news and a variety of articles from the campers.This is a greatopportunity for students to work on their critical thinking and writing skills, as well as express their creativity and feel a part of a productive team.

Music and Percussion Workshop

Students discover and improve their sense of rhythm and musical ear in this workshop. The campers may learn how to use the bongos, the flamenco cajón (a special box for creating flamenco rhythms), the tambourine, the guitar, maracas and other instruments.

Theater Workshop

This workshop allows campers to create their own plays and perform them, as well as recreate famous works on the counselor's recommendation. Students participate in every aspectof the theater, from selecting the play and acting to doing make-up, creating costumes and designing the set.

Lifesaving Workshop

Students learn various lifesaving techniques, including life-guarding and CPR.

Arts and Crafts Workshop

Campers express their creativity by using various materials to create handicrafts, such as play dough, paper, threads, yarn, clay and more. Recycled materials are used as well.

Cooking Workshop

This workshop encourages students to discover the culinary arts, and we take full advantage of the multicultural backgrounds of our campers! Participants learn to prepare international dishes such as Mississippi Mud Pie (USA), Russian teacakes and, of course, typical Spanish recipes like tortilla espanola.

Ballroom Dancing Workshop

Students learn traditional ballroom dance steps and consequently develop their personal sense of rhythm and movement. We use traditional and popular music from Spain and all over the world to expose the students to as much variety as possible.

Flamenco and Sevillanas Workshop

These two dance forms make up an integral part of Spanish culture, and where better to learn them but Spain itself? Students will learn the funtheir history and regional importance.

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