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International Junior Summer Spanish Language Camp in Malaga, Spain.

Junior Summer Camp for Children and Teens in Malaga
12 to 17 years old

Málaga is currently one of the most popular destination in Spain for studying Spanish. Located on the southern, Mediterranean, coast of Spain it benefits from the famously moderate Mediterranean climate and all the cultural heritage and influences (history, architecture, music, dance, gastronomy, etc.) of the many different peoples of the region.

Age Group: From 12 to 17 years old.

Our Junior Summer Camp for Children and Teens in Malaga is designed for students 11 to 18 years old who would like to spend a summer learning Spanish in Spain.

The program is offered on The Unamuno School campus located in one of the most exclusive residential areas of Malaga and is just a short walk from the beach. Its location is ideal for facilitating a large number of excursions and visits both to Malaga and places of interest in the region.

Spanish Language Courses Facilities: The school offers some of the best views of Malaga and the coast in addition to excellent academic, sport and recreational installations.

The main school building has three distinct areas: residential hall, dining area and classrooms. The classrooms are large, receive plenty of natural light and are perfectly equipped.

The sporting installations include a gym, padel tennis courts, basketball courts, a multipurpose playground, an artificial turf soccer field, pool, terrace and outdoor playset. The school also has many spacious common areas where parties and meetings are held.

The Malaga residence features: private in-room bathroom or washbasin and shared bath/shower room; in-room telephones. satellite TV, video and stereo in the living rooms.

Capacity: 170 students.

Accommodations: Comfortable accommodation is an essential part of your study trip and we understand how important it is that you choose the option that best suits your needs. In this school you can will be accommodated in double and triple rooms ensuite. All of the buildings in the school have Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

In addition to the Residential Stay in the Camp, we also offer a Day Camp and a Home Stay programs.
  • Is your family going to be in Spain for the summer? If so, the Day Camp may be a right choice for you and your children. This option is designed so campers can attend all camp activities during the day and return to their families at night. Day Camp students take part in all the same classes, sports, workshops, excursions, etc. with residential students from about 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM, but they will stay with their families at night and on the weekends. Lunch and snack are included. Transportation to and from the Camp is optional.

  • Students older than 15 will also have the chance to reside in a home stay.

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