Activities & Excursions in Spain:

All our Spanish language schools in Spain offer lively daily cultural activities and weekend sightseeing excursions to engage you in the ruch culture of our host cities.

Free Activities

Spanish Activities in Granada
  • Welcome dinner on the first day of the course followed by a party.
  • Guided city tour.
  • Weekly singing lessons where you can learn traditional songs.
  • Weekly dancing lessons such as Sevillanas, Salsa, Charro and Paso Doble.
  • Films and documentaries of cultural interest are shown weekly.


Spanish Activities in Granada The number and diversity of excursions to interesting places in the vicinity at the weekends is great. There is no question of a standard offering. The students have an important voice in the excursion destination. The excursions, for which you will pay a nominal fee, only go ahead if a sufficient number of people take part.

The activities and excursions are announced weekly in the office, where you can go with any queries or to put your name down.


Spanish Activities in Granada Sports enthusiasts can really enjoy themselves at our schools: aerobics, basketball, fitness training, golf, hockey, swimming, football, tennis, horse riding and much more. Ask in the office about practising individual sports.


Spanish Activities in Granada Meeting and talking to natives!

An intercambio takes place outside the lessons: you teach English, German or French to a native Spanish speaker, in return, they will teach you Spanish. This is an excellent way to get to know the locals. The office can give you more information or help you with your first contacts.

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