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Volunteer Work Program in Bilbao, Spain

The Volunteer Work Program at our Spanish school in Bilbao is a unique opportunity to live and work abroad. Become acquainted with the cultural wealth of our country while working with social institutions, thus contributing to society and building bridges between cultures.

Volunteering abroad opens up your professional and personal horizons and skills, you learn about another culture, and meet people from different places, improve fluency in another language, build an international network of friends, share and learn.

The program is open to any applicant who sincerely wishes to have new experiences and meet people from different cultures: students, graduates, retirees, professionals... Everyone is welcome! Participants can choose their area of volunteer work from social work, tourism, cultural work, monument restoration.

You can choose where you want to stay during the program: students' residence or family accommodation. For stays of over three months, we recommend a student visa if you come from outside the European Union.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Airport pickup service upon your arrival
  • Arrangement of contacts, interviews, and reports
  • Orientation and information
  • Participation in social and cultural activities organized by our Spanish school in Bilbao
  • Interview with the Co-coordinator of our Volunteer Program
  • Certificate of Participation awarded by our Spanish school in Bilbao upon program completion.

Application and participation

Teachers at our school in BilbaoYou are requested to choose in order of preference up to three types of volunteer experience when you register. You are also required to send your Curriculum Vitae with a letter in English explaining your motives for wanting to participate in the program. Our co-coordinator then takes into consideration your personal goals, your level of fluency in the language, your work experience, as well as the length of time you wish to participate.

The participants have their choice of volunteer projects. Some of the possible choices are:

  • Social work and work with seniors (primary care provider of people living with HIV/AIDS, elders who feel lonely, families without resources...)
  • Education ( students with special needs, children living in poverty stricken areas, teaching English, Math, Science...)
  • Tourism (tourist guide, receptionist...)
  • Monument restoration (windmills, castles...)
  • Environment (conservation projects, endangered species...)
  • Culture (indigenous cultures, museums, exhibitions...)

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