Spanish language courses in Bilbao, Spain

Spanish School Activities in Bilbao, Spain

Have fun while you're here! Join our FREE social and cultural activities! Learning Spanish should not be limited to the classroom and we therefore offer a series of cultural and leisure activities during your stay.

If you participate in this program you will be able to make friends as well as to get to know better other students from the school and, at the same time, practice your Spanish. The cultural and outdoor activities, such as sports, are intended both to amuse and to teach our students, so that they learn different elements of Spanish history and culture.

The program of the activities includes:

  • Orientation meeting so that the students can better grasp where the school is located
  • Guided tours through the historical center of the city (Casco Viejo, Abando, Plaza Nueva, Begoņa)
  • Attending cultural events: theater, concerts, cinema, week-long festivals, carnival, latino and Salsa music, etc)
  • Watching movies in Spanish
  • Visiting monuments (Guggenheim museum, Casco Viejo District, churches...)
  • Participating in celebrations and other activities in order to find out about the Spanish traditions and way of life such as "tapas", gatherings, excursions to Vitoria, San Sebastian and Santander, going to the pool and/or the beach, dinner in restaurants, visiting nearby towns and so on in order to discover the Spanish traditions and way of life.

These events are an opportunity to put theory into practice and create an enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere. Beaches are twenty-minutes away from the school; you can enjoy outdoor activities such as windsurfing and sailing (possible at the sailing school). A minimum number of students is required to organize weekend excursions. It is possible to use the Internet during the opening hours of our school for free.

Alternative School Activities in Bilbao, Spain

Balloon tours

Spanish Activities in BilbaoBallooning is another exciting way of traveling in the sky, and at the same time of avoiding the fast movement of a plane or helicopter. Due to the quiet nature of an air-balloon, you will enjoy nature seen from above, from the height you choose. Immerse yourself in contemplating the natural beauty which surrounds you., the mountains, the villages, the coastline, and take pleasure in everything, in all directions. You will be able to view the horizon like never before and for as far as the eye can see. What you cannot do is jump. at least till the balloon gets the ground!!

Activity price: €180


Spanish Activities in BilbaoLearn Spanish while getting to know and evaluate various Spanish wines: their history, the different processes of production, the economic as well as social importance of wine in Spain. Learn how to pour and taste it, as well as the characteristics of Spanish wines, depending on the different regions of Spain.

Activity price: €40

Water sports

Spanish Activities in BilbaoThe fun of practicing mountain sports in enchanting natural scenery.

  • Canoe crossing and traverses
  • Kayak instruction
  • Sea kayaking
  • Kayak Surf
  • Diving instruction
  • Nature walks & Orienting
  • Body board
  • Surfing
  • Technical instruction
  • Guiding for kayakers
  • Bike hire & advice on available routes
  • Multi-activity (climbing, zip wiring and archery)

Activity price: from €14 to €25


Spanish Activities in BilbaoLatin dance reflects a lifestyle of the Hispanic countries that have warm weather, bright days and abundant nature. People in South America are very welcoming and they always express the joy of living through music and dance. With a style so different from traditional dances, the Latino dance expresses courage, strength, and especially feeling. One of the main characteristics of these dances is movements of the hips and the sensual steps. There are a lot of Latino dance styles that you could learn in Spain: Salsa, Meringue, bachata o cha cha cha, are currently the most fashionable. Flamenco is also possible on request. Our Spanish Language School, offers you the unique opportunity to learn these dances.

Activity price: €48

Quad Riding

Spanish Activities in BilbaoThe power of a motorcycle but in a four wheel vehicle. It is a lot like driving a car, but with the feelings only riding a motorcycle can give. You may drive in closed circuits or get to tracks going through the mountains near Bilbao. It's only you who sets the limits! All the rides include experienced guides, vehicles apt for all ages, and necessary equipment (helmet, protective glasses and gloves). The only requirement is for the driver to have a driving license (car or motorcycle).

Activity price: €18


Spanish Activities in BilbaoTrekking gets you into full contact with Mother Nature, without obstacles, without vehicles intervening between her and you. If you take pleasure walking and breaking new ground, we provide various timed and perfectly surveyed routes going through beautiful spots, including Nature Parks, in the region. You'll be able to see examples of the Iberian fauna and will learn to distinguish plants and trees. Excursions will be structured depending on their difficulty; whether they consist of climbing precipitous summits, or easily accessible paths.

Activity price: €20


Spanish Activities in BilbaoAs we are situated only 1 hour and 40 minutes from one of the Spain's leading ski resorts, we are more than happy to offer you the possibility of spending the day on the slopes.

Ski resorts:

  • Valdezcaray
  • Lunada

Activity price: €100


Spanish Activities in BilbaoWhether sailing is your favorite sport or you want to try it for the first time, this is the perfect program for you. All our instructors are experienced professionals qualified by the Spanish sailing Federation. All the necessary equipment for this course will be provided by the School.

Activity price: €300

Scuba Diving

Spanish Activities in BilbaoDiscover a different world: a world under water. Dive in a waterscape you have never seen. Discover the unexpected secrets of a setting still to be explored: fish that will surprise you, the most curious shapes of life, caves and rocky formations. Everything can be seen. You will have the best diving equipment, the best materials and an expertly qualified staff. The courses we offer are structured in levels, depending on the number of people interested. There will be a course suitable for your requirements, from those including basic aspects of diving to those developing advanced knowledge.

Activity price: €380

Go Carting

Spanish Activities in BilbaoImitate the boldest and fastest racing car drivers using one of our cart vehicles in our racing area. You may take part in racing events and show your ability at the wheel.

Take it easy driving on!.

Activity price: €60


Spanish Activities in BilbaoWill you dare jump from a plane and fall freely for a period of one minute? Imagine how it feels falling without anything to stop the fall and waiting for the moment when you should open your parachute. From that point on enjoy a gentle fall from the sky, and finish with a soft landing on the earth. If you do not want to jump alone, you may choose the "tandem" mode, jumping together with an experienced instructor that will always guide you, so that the only thing for you to do is to enjoy the experience.

Activity price: €150

Horse riding

Spanish Activities in BilbaoEnjoy nature from another point of view; the one provided by riding a horse. If you are interested in riding lessons, there are plenty of places to have them. From tuition for the absolute beginner to advanced level itīs all here in Bilbao! You might also like to think about the option of a horse riding holiday to gain further experience.

Activity price: €18

Paint ball exercises

Spanish Activities in BilbaoWith your combat gear and the best soldiers around you, you will have to go through the most risky situations eliminating all of your enemies while putting all of your military strategies into practice. When the battle is over we will all go and have a beer together!

Activity price: €25


Spanish Activities in BilbaoAt our school, you will have this opportunity thanks to our long golf tradition on the Atlantic Coast. Golf lessons: optional number of hours. Excellent for a short, challenging round. It is possible to rent a golf cart and clubs as well as use bars, restaurants and other services.

Activity price: €250

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