A few of Jbay's families have opened their homes to hosting students who wish to have a more all round immersion into the langauge and culture. Most of the homes offer en suite rooms, however please be aware that this may not always be available. Distances to the school vary and students should know that it is not always possible to walk - transport costs are extra to the basic homestay fee.

Jeffreys Bay Language CoursesOur host families are carefully selected to offer you the best homestay experience. This is a wonderful way to learn and experience the culture of South Africa first hand. It also allows you to practise your English. Breakfast and dinner is included and lunch on Sundays. We offer 2 types of family options:

  • Basic Room Host Family - This option is where the student shares a bathroom with a family
  • En-suite Room Host Family - This option offers students their own bathroom facilities.
School Residence

Our Language School Residence is literally around the corner from the school. Divided into apartments with each one housing a maximum of 4 students, the living here is comfortable and sociable. Each individual apartment is fully furnished and has all the necessary facilities. The kitchen and bathroom are shared within each apartment and a communal BBQ area between all allows for great intermingling.

The school residence is close to Island Vibe Travel Lodge, a place to meet travellers from around the world, who have come to enjoy the experiences of Jeffreys Bay. Students can practise their English while enjoying the Island Vibe atmosphere. The beach is across the road so early morning walks or a quick splash in the sea are invigourating options - even before lessons start!

Single Room / Double Room: Here you stay alone or share with a friend.

Island Vibe Travel Lodge

Jeffreys Bay Language CoursesIsland Vibe is perched on a dune with a 270 degree view of the Indian Ocean. As the name suggests this is a place that travellers from around the world meet to share their experiences. The unique vibe of the bar and restaurant area offer all day refreshments, meals and fun late into the night. An advantage is that Island Vibe is located within a minute's walk from the school and the school residence.

Single Room / Double Room: These rooms are located in the quieter section of Island Vibe, below the dune and literally on the beach. Each room is en suite and extends onto a balcony overlooking the beach. A self catering kitchen is available.

Sharing Double: These rooms are the same as above, however you share with other travelers or students. The rooms sleep between 4 and six persons, and comprise of three bunk beds.

Dormitory: This option is probably not the most condusive to English study, however can be lots of fun! Rooms have either 4 to 8 beds, and students make use of the communal bathrooms. A large communal self catering kitchen is also available.

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Jeffreys Bay Language Courses At our English Language school in Jeffreys Bay we offer a variety of exciting English courses. Whether you are looking for a just a couple of weeks or a long-stay program, business courses, exam preparation, private tuition or english plus surfing - we have just the right class for you!

The teachers are all qualified with university degrees or diplomas and relevant training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The friendly staff is always available to offer assistance with any student queries and are dedicated to making your stay and enjoyable and memorable experience.

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