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Our English Language School in Jeffreys Bay is committed to the highest standards in education and English as a Second Language training. We offer General English, Business English and Exam Preparation. Study your First Certificate in English or choose from one of the other Examination Preparation courses, including FCE, CAE, IELTS and TOEFL.

We attract ESL students from all over the world including South America, Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa - from over 30 different countries. Our dedicated and experienced team is proud to offer you a comprehensive and unforgettable English language learning experience!

English Language Courses in Jeffreys BayLocals reckon that Jeffreys Bay was known as the place of dreaming, and it's easy to see why. With miles of seemingly endless ivory sand, littered with the largest variety of shells washed up by the tide, and some of the best bathing beaches - it's a special place for any beach bum. Jeffreys bay or J-bay as it is affectionately known, is sandwiched between the scenic garden route and sunshine coast - so called as this region has more sunshine hours than any other.

Our gloriously temperate climate has a mere 5 degree midday difference between summer and winter, with a summer maximum average temp of 27 C and minimum average temp of 19 C. The summers are warm with a very temperate humidity level. Winters are mild and pleasant, and it is significant that water sports are practised year-round.

The climate is ideal throughout the year, with only an average of 5 degrees difference between summer and winter. It borders on the breeding area of the Southern Right Whale which gives visitors to Jeffreys Bay the splendour of viewing these majestic animals right from the beach. Dolphins too pass these waters throughout the year, leaping and surfing their way across the bay.

Jeffreys Bay is home to the perfect wave! With its unique combination of beautiful beaches, endless summers, abundant shells, white gold (calamari) and relaxed lifestyle, its no wonder this town has become world famous. The Billabong Surfing Festival is held in July each year when surfers from all over the world come to enjoy these flawless formations of rolling surf.

The safe beaches are perfect for bathing and all water sports, making it a popular weekend getaway and holiday destination.

Jeffreys Bay has a lot to offer English Language students. So make the right choice today and experience this town while studying English in South Africa.

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Jeffreys Bay Language Courses At our English Language school in Jeffreys Bay we offer a variety of exciting English courses. Whether you are looking for a just a couple of weeks or a long-stay program, business courses, exam preparation, private tuition or english plus surfing - we have just the right class for you!

The teachers are all qualified with university degrees or diplomas and relevant training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The friendly staff is always available to offer assistance with any student queries and are dedicated to making your stay and enjoyable and memorable experience.

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