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Our English Language School in Durban is committed to the highest standards in education and training. We attract students from all over the world including South America, Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa - from over 30 different countries. Our dedicated and experienced team is proud to offer you a comprehensive and unforgettable English language learning experience!

English Language Courses in DurbanSouth Africa's seaside playground in the sun, Durban is famed for its balmy weather all year round, making it a perfect holiday paradise. It is a major gateway to Africa as well as the largest and busiest port city on the continent. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, Durban after dark is abuzz with elegant lounges, distinctive local theatre, live music and trendy clubs - nightlife in a modern, authentic African metropolis!

Located by the Indian Ocean, Durban is famous for its beautiful beaches. The city centre bustles during the day and amidst the museums and civic buildings of colonial heritage, you will find yourself at the heart of a truly African city.

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Durban Language Courses At our English Language school in Durban we offer a variety of exciting English courses. Whether you are looking for a just a couple of weeks or a long-stay program (e.g. Academic Semester or Year), exam preparation, private tuition or a work programme - we have just the right class for you!

On your first morning at school you will be given a placement test. This will be used to assess your knowledge of English grammar. During this time you will also be taken for a short oral test with a teacher. You will be put into a class according to the results of your grammar and oral tests.

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