Our Teachers and Method

Our dedicated and experienced team is proud to offer you a comprehensive and unforgettable English language learning experience. Approved by some of the world's finest English learning institutes, you can be sure of a quality learning experience that is out of the ordinary, but in-line with the best!

We are a University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) approved teacher training centre and only employ highly experienced, qualified English foreign language teachers. All our staff is supportive, helpful and willing to do their best to make your stay a successful and fun experience.

Our Approach to teaching English is primarily a practical, eclectic and learner-centred approach that puts the emphasis on helping students achieve concrete results in their language learning, rather than meeting numerical assessment criteria or satisfying ideological requirements.

Our method of teaching English to foreign students is based on the core principles of:

  • active participation of the learner
  • respect for learners' autonomy
  • incorporation of authentic language and resources into English learning
  • integration of all aspects of the language - grammar, lexis, communication, skills
  • commitment to minimum levels of teacher qualification and to ongoing teacher development
  • flexibility for teachers to achieve learners' goals in a variety of ways
  • responsibility of the school for supporting learners and teachers
  • Our Classes

    We place importance on the students' learning environment - if learners are comfortable in their learning environment, they are more open and responsive to language input. We therefore keep our class sizes small, with a maximum of 10 students per class and attempt to have an appropriate balance of nationalities in each class.

    Certificates and Reports

    In order to receive a certificate and course report at the end of their course, students have to attend 70% of their lessons. The Director of Studies personally checks attendance registers at the end of the week and students who risk exceeding the 30% "allowance" are informed in writing.

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    The teachers are all qualified with university degrees or diplomas and relevant training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The friendly staff is always available to offer assistance with any student queries and are dedicated to making your stay and enjoyable and memorable experience.

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