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At our Portuguese Language School in Porto, with our Portuguese courses you will communicate effectively in Portuguese in the shortest time possible. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Portuguese, you are guaranteed a warm welcome, a life-time of experiences, and success in achieving your academic and business goals.

In Portugal, you will have a completely different experience with the Portuguese language than that which is found in Brazil, tracing the Portuguese language and culture to their origins. Porto offers a unique experience in the modern life of the Portuguese language and the people who natively speak it.

Students come to our Portuguese Language School from over 40 countries, most of them are from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands. We have students of different ages - from 17 to 65 year of age. Main age group: 20 - 35 (2/3 of students).

When you mention the city of Porto, most people immediately think of the world famous Port wine, but the city has much more to offer than this. There are many interesting sights to be seen both inside and around the city and it is no coincidence that Porto was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2001. The oldest part of the city has been classified a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and this zone includes a vast collection of monuments, churches and public buildings surrounded by Medieval houses that take you on a journey back in time.

Portuguese Language Courses in PortoPorto is a European city with an immense historical patrimony, yet is also well-linked to present and future times. As a trading centre at the mouth of the Rio Douro, Porto is the second largest city after Lisbon. The place has a number of distinctive atmospheres and this is very evident when comparing the various parts of the city. The quarter around the riverside known as the Ribeira is full of narrow twisting streets with houses once painted or tiled in colourful facades, and full of the bustling energy of working people during the day and the liveliness of busy "tascas" and restaurants at night.

The district around the Cathedral is full of busy streets and monuments to past achievements, and streets lined with houses built like layers of a cake then crowded together with a maze of small alleys in-between. The Cordoaria quarter is for the students with steep streets and interesting shops. The civic centre of the city is in the Central e Baixa quarter with broad avenues lined with banks and outdoor caf?, or in the Baixa where the the two-tiered covered daily market goes about its business.

Porto is about its people, traditional activities and spaces, such as the busy commercial areas, gardens, plazas and peaceful hideaways.

Come to our Portuguese Language School in Porto to learn Portuguese Language and Culture and dicover Portugal!

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