Learn Spanish in Lima, Peru

Lima, a city of history and culture, endless beaches, hills and mountains, nightlife, the possibility to see Cuzco, Machu Pichu and much more!

Although four hundred years have passed since its foundation, Lima, known as the "City of the Kings", has managed to hold onto its traditions, fashion and religious celebrations from Pre-Inca and Inca times.

Lima Language CoursesWalking through the streets and squares of the historic centre of Lima is like traveling to the past. Discover Lima's Colonial Architecture, for which it was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

In almost all of Lima's neighborhoods, you can enjoy an exiting nightlife with many possibilities to go out: casinos, discos, bars, pubs, folkloric parties and restaurants where you can enjoy and dance to the local music.

Lima is located in the central coast of the country, bordering the Pacific Ocean, with 7 million inhabitants you can enjoy beautiful beaches, landscapes, parks, the central market, and the Chinese neighborhood, which are all places you must visit. You can also contemplate the architecture, enjoy the Pacific waves while surfing, savor the world famous Peruvian cooking and the warm people, so... íVen a Lima!

Why you should visit Lima?

  • Rich in history, nature variety and archeology
  • Surf opportunities all year round
  • Really affordable
  • Active Nightlife

School Location and Facilities

Lima Language CoursesThe school is located in the historic area of Miraflores. This is the nicest and safest neighborhood of Lima and combines the best of the city with modern services, a lot of cultural attractions and an active social life. Close to restaurants, stores and what it is best of all in only steps to the sea.

The Spanish school in Lima is in an independent building with 7+ classrooms, common areas, outdoor patio, 1 student computer, free internet. The school has a capacity of about 70 students.

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