Spanish for Families in Cuzco, Peru

Cusco Language CoursesMore and more families, with children of different ages, are coming to Peru to participate in our Spanish Programs. In 2004 our school in Cuzco presented the Family Program, which included more facilities, adaptable programs and family discounts. In 2006 we are pleased to present three packages, which incorporate the best of our experience. We have also introduced the Spanish for Families Accommodation option.

Do you want to see the best of Peru, while having a true cultural experience and also developing your knowledge and that of your children? Our Spanish for Families program is designed so that everyone in the family has a fantastic time on holiday! As every family is different, this program is custom designed. A sample program might see the whole family going on outings in the morning. In the afternoon, mom and dad would have Spanish classes at their level while the children will have their own teacher and a specially designed Kid's class. This class is bright, interesting and colorful and children study from a range of fun materials including videos, music and children's books in Spanish. This class is adapted to the age range of your children but is suitable for children 6 through to 17, though probably not in the same class! If you have children under 6, they can be cared for during the afternoons with a professional nanny.

A special range of kid-friendly excursions can also be planned for the weekends, based on more traditional tourism options, but specially catering for the age and level of your children. For example, the whole family can go rafting, horse riding, cycling or hiking near Cusco on a program that is designed to suit them. A visit to a working farm in the Sacred Valley, where children can touch llamas or milk a cow is also on the agenda. Creative craft workshops can also be organized where children play traditional Peruvian instruments or make jewelry or ceramics.

Spanish for Families Accommodation Option

Cusco Language CoursesIf you wish to maximize your holiday experience, we highly recommend staying with a Peruvian family. If possible, we would try to place your family in a local family that has children of a similar age, providing play opportunities for your children. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to practice their Spanish and get to know another culture.

Depending on the situation, your host family may accompany your family on excursions. Also, your children may be able to accompany their host brother or sister to their school on several occasions, for a truly incredible Peruvian experience.

Where the Spanish for Families program has a duration of longer than one month, your child can be enrolled in a local school. (NB. They will need to have a basic level of Spanish prior to commencement at the school).

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