Culture Program in Cuzco, Peru

Cusco Language CoursesThis workshop is tailored to people who would like to learn more about the Peruvian culture and who would like to combine these studies with learning the Spanish language. It is an interactive course that teaches you in a practical and creative way more about the Peruvian culture. You can focus on weaving or music.

In the music option, our teachers will teach you more about traditional Peruvian music and instruments (songs, lyrics, and also instruments such as zampoņa, bombo, quena, charango).

In the weaving option you will be taught traditional weaving techniques and will also learn about the symbolism of Inca designs used in weaving.

This course has fixed starting dates (see pricelist) and an intermediate level of Spanish is a requirement. For the music option you need some prior knowledge of the guitar.

  • This option must be booked in conjuction with a Spanish course.
  • Maximum number of students: 6 in the Spanish Course, 10 in the afternoon Program.
  • One week.

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