Accommodation Options

Suitable accommodation is an important component to a professional, effective Spanish Program. This is why our school in Cuzco currently offers 3 different options of accommodation within the city of Cuzco: homestay (two categories), Student Residence, located in the school's building, and Student Flats, located in residential neighborhoods in Cusco.

A student may arrange his/her own accommodation in Cusco and simply participate in the language course. However, we recommend the complete package in order for students to maximise his/her language skills. The experience of living with a Peruvian family or living with other students in one of the school's residences provides more practice opportunities, therefore enhancing a student's ability to converse in Spanish.


Cusco Language CoursesThe Homestay option has been developed particularly for individuals who wish to make a cultural journey, aiming not only to learn the Spanish language but also about Peru, through the experiences, life and customs of a Peruvian family.

Our guest families are carefully chosen and monitored through regular inspections and student feedback. Most of them live about 20-30 minutes walking distance from the school. The student will always have his/her own private room and share other facilities with the family. Guest families provide three meals a day. Special diets, such as those for vegetarians and diabetics may be catered for.

Homestay Plus

Currently, we are working with families in both Standard and Plus Packages. The Plus Package offers students a slightly higher comfort level, in terms of the house and room being of a larger size, the food being more adapted to the students' desires, and a courtyard or garden. The Lodging Plus package is especially suited for those who want to be away from the bustling city center.

Student Residence

Cusco Language CoursesHere, the school offers accommodation for those who enjoy contact with other students from different parts of the world and who love to live within the city center of Cusco, at one block from the Main Square.

Breakfast and lunch are included in this option. One of the Student Houses is located within the school building. There is a total of 14 rooms with shared toilets, a common kitchen/living room and a big, sunny terrace with a view over Cusco.

The other one is right in front of the schoolbuilding. Here you find a total of 8 rooms, most of them with private toilets, two common areas with a lovely view over the city of Cusco (a hall and a living room), a balcony and a small patio.

Student Flats

Cusco Language CoursesFor those who plan a longer stay in Cusco and want to live independently, participate in daily life activities and events, such as preparing meals and go shopping at the colorful Peruvian markets etc., our school offers the interesting possibility to live in an independent student flat.

All flats are located in residential neighborhoods in Cusco, between 20 - 30 minutes walking distance from the city center, and offer the students a maximum of security and comfort with a fully equipped kitchen, a furnished living room and bedrooms. In each flat live between 3-6 students maximum.

Cusco Language CoursesOur school in Cuzco takes care of the bedding and cleaning of the shared areas at the student flats once a week. Students should bring their own towels and others.

The student flat option is only available for those who plan a minimum stay often weeks in Cusco (for either studying or volunteering or a combination of both) and gives the fabulous opportunity to live in Peru independently in a luxurious environment.

Meal Plans

Our Spanish language school offers a meal plan which is designed to make your stay in Cusco as comfortable, and hassle free as possible.

Local restaurants

Cusco Language CoursesThere are a million restaurants around the Plaza de Armas, but how do you know which ones offer good food and great value? With this restaurant package, students will eat their lunch daily in variety of good quality restaurants. Includes: Lunch, 5 days a week.

Lunch with a Peruvian family

With this option students can maximise their opportunity to practice Spanish and learn about Peruvian culture while living independently. You can be a part of a Peruvian family's lunch, practicing your conversation skills while also enjoying traditional Peruvian food. Includes: Lunch, 5 days a week.

Residence Meals

Do you enjoy socialising with other travellers, and would you like a good value package of meals? We have a cook in residence at our school who prepares a delicious range of Andean and foreign cuisine. Lunch is homecooked and consists of three courses. Includes: Lunch, 5 days a week.

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