Learn Spanish in the Rainforest of Tambopata!

The Spanish Language School in Cuzco is always coming up with innovative ideas, which combine the Spanish Language study with the magical beauty of Peru. This program "Spanish In The Rainforest" offers a unique opportunity to study Spanish in the Rainforest of Tambopata of the Peruvian Amazon.

Cusco Language CoursesThe Manu Biosphere is a protected area which still retains healthy populations of jaguar, tapir, anteater, black caiman, giant otter and 13 species of monkey. The low human population and their continued use of traditional hunting techniques makes animals unafraid of men. Wildlife aside, the journey into the park itself is an adventure. Furthermore, a single track dirt road is the only access to the park which takes people from Cusco, over the Andes mountains to an elevation of 4000 meters, past pre-inca ruins and then down through a virgin cloud forest into the Amazon basin itself. The landscapes and scenery are spectacular!

Spanish group courses are offered at low-intermediate and mid-high intermediate levels, combined with jungle excursions and an experienced guide. Teachers from our school in Cusco accompany the students throughout the trip, therefore guaranteeing our high level of Spanish instruction.

Prices include:

  • Spanish instruction (20 hrs)
  • daily excursions
  • all transportation
  • accommodation (6 nights)
  • all meals

Cusco Language CoursesAccommodation is offered in double rooms with communal toilets at the Lodge, located in the Cultural Zone of the Manu Biosphere, abreast the beautiful and turbulent Madre de Dios river. Nine hundred hectares of land surround the lodge; the gritted trails throughout offer the enthusiastic explorer unparalleled wildlife watching opportunities.

We promise you that this presents a superb opportunity for those who want to learn Spanish and also experience the wonderment of Peruvian Amazonia. Spanish with our language school in the Rainforest of Tambopata is truly a complete and unforgettable experience.

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