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Our language school in Queenstown, New Zealand, is located in the center of the town and offers students convenience and an ambient and quiet environment for study.

The English Language School in Queenstown was established on the 19th April 1993 and is registered and fully recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. In 1998, the School was awarded the prestigious Tradenz Export Commendation from the New Zealand Government.

English Language School in Queenstown is a small, friendly school where we introduce students to life in New Zealand. There are regular events such as Barbecues, excursions and sports for all students.

The School also has a division in Christchurch. All courses offered in Christchurch are the same as those offered in Queenstown including our famous Study &Ski Program. Students can transfer between the schools without extra enrolment fees and so can experience a small beautiful town and a big elegant city. The modern school building in Christchurch is located next to Latimer Square and only two blocks from the cathedral.

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